Memories on Monday

Today, I’m reflecting on the wonderful weekend we had. I’ve already shared about my reunion; making lots of new Facebook friends from that. Saturday was a day that warmed my heart just full of gratitude, awe, and pride in America.

My husband and I have met and grown to love a lot of the Greatest Generation, and we are so thankful for what they and thousands of others did for our country. The couple pictured in the header picture are our friends, Mary and Marion. They have been together for 22 years, and look out for each other as best friends. They live at a retirement complex near our VFW Post and maintain separate apartments. Their attitude here is “Why get married and ruin our friendship?” I applaud them. We all need a best friend.

Mary called me last week, after reading our article describing a new program through Moving Veterans Forward. We have partnered with MVF since last October, and have donations every month of things they may need to set up a homeless veteran in an apartment of their own. Of course, the Vet needs to abide by certain rules, certain behaviors, etc.

A program Ron Hernandez introduced recently is one which allows foster visits with a Vet and their children can take place at his MVF warehouse, in the Rec Center. He refers to the Rec Center to as “The Fox Hole.” Prior to this, the Vets often had to meet the case worker and kids at Walmart and walk around talking. Ron offers the Fox Hole as a comfortable place, where they may fix a snack and talk, or go out back and fish. It’s a relationship building environment for sure. It is a Court approved meeting place now. We’re collecting snack packs, jello, crackers, etc.

Friends, Mary asked me if they could donate some things that weren’t on the list. It hurt their hearts, thinking of kids having to visit their parent like that. They decided at breakfast that day, “We have to do something.”

This brings tears to my eyes. Marion is 97 years old, a Purple Heart Veteran from the Italian Front, the Battle of Anzio. I don’t know Mary’s age, but they are of the same spirit, the same giving heart. For all these people have experienced in their lives, they still have generous hearts. We should all take a lesson from them. They went to Dollar Tree and picked many comfort snacks for our other friends going through these visits. Below are some donations we made this week, with the help of Marion, Mary, and others.

It is an honor to know them, and a privilege to call them both our friends. They have asked if they may meet Ron Hernandez and thank him for providing the services he does through Moving Veterans Forward. I will make that happen, for sure. Friends, learn all you can from our elders. Learn about our history; and about their lives. Learn about how the world was. And learn about loving selflessly.

Make a new friend today. It may surprise you what you learn! Be kind out there. It will come back to you. I’m off to take Mom to the doctor! Have a beautiful day, thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

Generosity RULES!

I’ve been absent a couple days. As I’ve told you before, the VFW Post 2503 Honor Guard in Omaha, Nebraska sponsored a Car Show yesterday. The proceeds went to the organization Nebraska COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors). They are a charitible organization who assist families who lose their Law Enforcement Officer in the line of duty. For 2020 and 2021, this nation lost 491 officers who were performing their jobs. Crimes against the officers has spiked in 2021.

Families struggle to pick up the pieces sometimes. The funds we raised will help send families of three Nebraska officers who died doing their jobs to Washington DC in October, 2021, for Police Week. Usually it is held in May, but due to COVID, October will be when the new names on the wall will be revealed. Think of them, will you? You may want to go to the website.

I need to review some information about mistakes made in writing children’s books. I want to see if I’ve made those mistakes and correct them before I finish the manuscript and put Cartney’s drawings on their pages. With all we’ve been doing lately, I need to put my head back to writing. And quilting. And learning to draw. And maybe cleaning the house?

I am still waiting (patiently?) for my Apple ID to become unlocked so I can try to get my Pixel 3xl backup to load on my new phone. It’s a safeguard by Apple. I get it, but I alternately applaud or curse it. I need to learn from the inconvenience and I have. We’ve all become so dependent on electronics. If we have one silly thing go wrong, we’re toast! I certainly am for the next 23 days. It’ll be ok. As I told someone, I’ve been thrown out of better places!

This will be brief today, the work of the weekend has made me need the heating pad for my achy back and the recliner for comfort. Hoping you can enjoy the nice weather today, I plan to later. Be Careful out there; Be Grateful; Be Generous; Be Kind. And Be your Best Person. Live your truth!