Safety First, January 6, 2023

One of the first things most of need to do is make sure we don’t entertain all the negative thoughts we’ve accumulated through the years about ourselves and our abilities.

To recover from that negativity, we need to counter each negative review of our abilities with positive thoughts. We most certainly are talented artists in writing, drawing, painting, needlework, textile arts, or whatever else we are talented in. Whatever we do is special, and enough. Don’t sell yourself short as someone has been convinced you to be. Be yourself. The world will deal with it.

Yes, it’s a novel thought if we had adults in our lives who cautioned us to stay away from the Arts. It wasn’t a normal way to make a living back in the day. You stuck with your job, no matter how you hated it, and provided for your family. Those same people would stay together for the “sake of the kids.” Please. That could have caused more problems than getting a divorce. When parents are trying to act normally when they no longer want to remain a family, tensions rise. Kids feel it. It’s not doing the kids any favors to stay together.

I was amazed at the depth of the dysfunction there exists in the court of public opinion. Ideas of writers being drunks, crazy, broke, loners, irresponsible, promiscuous, doomed, unhappy, and born, not made, existed for a long time. How strange! I’ve been associated with many stereotypes to describe me. Not just an I/T Professional who could actually relate well to people, who could communicate well, who was attractive and very smart, all the stereotypes were wrong. Especially those of a single, divorced woman. Word on the street was we partied all the time, we didn’t pay our bills, we had strange men over all hours of the day and night, we didn’t work, we were after the married men in the neighborhood. It was ridiculous. I won’t even waste space here to dispel the ignorance.

I have learned so much already in the first week of the twelve weeks of The Artist’s Way. I’m behind in my “morning pages,” where you dump your thoughts/brain on three pages of writing in longhand. You dispel your inner critic and have a chance to consider positive affirmations. Actually doing the things you can do well creatively is a bonus. Even though I’m writing a children’s book, quilting is an important creative outlet I have that makes me more creative. Yes, it might impinge on how quickly I finish editing and publishing my book, but I’ll have fewer times when I’m out of ideas, want to tell myself I’ve got Writer’s Block, or Artist’s Block, etc. Before I complete the first chapter, I will do the tasks, catch up with the daily writing, and get ready to start Chapter 2 on Monday. So far, I’m all in. I’m building my safety nets, my places to go and things to think about when I feel stymied, a creativity lull, or writer’s block. Preparation.

What creative things are you doing this weekend? Are you reading anything new? Relaxing and Resting? #NotEnoughTimeInTheDay! Take care out there, we’ll see each other tomorrow.

Fun Friday Night

Outdoor concerts are the very best. Hopefully, you sit near fun people, and temporarily forget your troubles. Last night was such a night. Local favorites Jimmy Weber and his friend, Ken Sitler, performed individually and together for a couple hours. The crowd loved it. Our friends became new fans, and purchased Jimmy’s CD’s.

Ken specializes in rock music; Springsteen, The Who, Beatles, Pearl Jam, FooFighters, some country, and a few of his own songs added in. Variety is his specialty, and it’s fun to sit and listen. Just to relax and unwind after a week of being very busy is a gift. Some of his covers remind me of my daughter’s eclectic taste in music. He is a very funny man. Quick with the wit, both on his Facebook page and in front of an audience. It was so sweet while introducing me to his wife, he referred to her as the love of his life, his best friend and a few other things equally heartfelt. It wasn’t phony, it was genuine. What a nice couple!

Having a pre-Fourth of July concert given by a couple of guys, retired from the Air Force, who love our country is a privilege to hear. They are truly patriots. Their stories are funny and could be true. They make everyone their friend by the end of the evening. You feel like you’ve been with a friend. Down to earth, talented people. Jimmy Weber, what can you say about him? He’s a guitar player like you hardly ever see. He can play many, many different songs and guitars. I’ve seen him do rock n’ roll how it should be done, and seen him do country like nobody’s business. Great voice, and introducing more songs he and “Handsome Jake” Mayer have co-written. They have a way with the music and especially the lyrics. You not only hear the music, you feel it. That’s what music is made for. Feeling it. It takes a lot of talent to achieve that. These guys all have it.

Jimmy Weber and Ken Sitler

Jimmy’s a humble man. Approachable. Grateful to God for his talent and abilibies. He mentions growing up in a small South Dakota town where everyone was a cousin (just about). The stories and humor help the people he sings about become more real. He is a great storyteller, and I still laugh at things he’s said many times. It’s still funny. Check his Facebook page and follow. His schedule is available there.

Thank you for reading today. And go see Ken Sitler and/or Jimmy Weber when you have an opportunity. You’ll be glad you did. See you tomorrow! Allergies are still kicking me, so it’s time to rest & recuperate. Enjoy your weekend!

Super Saturday!

What a beautiful bride we celebrated yesterday! My cousin’s daughter Alyssa married Bryson yesterday, and it was a perfect event. Holy Ghost Church in Omaha is where the ceremony was. The bride’s family had lots of memories from there. Weddings, funerals, baptisms, confirmations, graduations. Six cousins in that family attended school and Church there for over 50 years. I still have such a happy heart today from the experience.

Part of why I feel this way has to do with the COVID-19 quarantine we have experienced. After the unrest of our lives in the first half of this year, it makes us appreciate family in a ways we haven’t yet done. The stories, the funny things that happened as kids, they all make life much more full. And sharing them with the people who helped create those stories is a joy. I’m laughing at some stories as I’m writing, and am grateful I have all the cousins we have to reminisce with.

In about another month, some of those cousins will again gather to lay another cousin to rest. We have lost one to cancer. He fought it for years, and it finally took him. It will be a sad day for his brother, sister, kids, and other closer family members. All of these descendents of the Fab Four Bobell Sisters will love and support each other through this event as well. We are now the elders of the tribes. Our moms were stubborn women, yet we knew they loved us in their own special ways. My mom is the only one left of the Bobell Sisters, and we know someday, she too will be gone. More stories, more love shared.

Yesterday, the Omaha Public Schools released a change (already) to the school year. Instead of starting next week and being in person, it will be delayed another week and be all online. No, it wasn’t something the Superintendent did on purpose, I’m sure if the cases in Omaha/Douglas County had not skyrocketed in the past week or so, the school year would not have had any changes. I would think there will be other districts in the area who follow suit, but if not, carry on. The kids are very important, and we must teach them how to cooperate with the way things are even though we don’t agree. We all learned that very important thing growing up, it helps society be more cohesive. Give and take is in order. From all of us, not just kids/teachers/parents. Let’s be a good example.

Yes, there is.

For today? I’m listening to some tunes and writing. Updating Chapter One. I think once the missing component is found (within me), it will go smoother and quicker. I don’t want to do a poor job. I want to be proud of what I produce. Just like practicing years and years to quilt, yes, here I have to practice writing until I get it. Won’t give up!

Thank you all for reading today. Go hug a cousin today. Or at least call them and catch up. It’ll do both your hearts good! I’ll see you again tomorrow. Stay safe. Distanced. Masked Up. Washed Up. All of it. Let’s show COVID who’s boss!

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A Toast to Cousin’s Today!