Hump Day, 2022

So here we are, the middle of the first week of 2022. How does it feel?

I’m pretty tired today. I woke up at 4:45 (yes, a.m.), and the restless night I had is catching up with me . . . at 8 a.m. It’d be easy to give up and lounge on the couch today. I have to resist that at this early hour, as I’d like to keep with my idea of having the house undecorated by Sunday this week. It was sweet, I asked granddaughter Addison if she’d like a couple items I’m not crazy about anymore. And she wants them! I’m happy I have something she’d like to have. It’s important for kids to have some thing from previous generations. I hope granddaughter Kayla will someday want something of mine.

I have a Grandma Book that poses questions for me to answer for one of them, maybe Addison will want it. We’ve had 14 years together, going on 15. I tell her how I’ll never forget Grandma Sandy handing her to me right after she was born. Grandpa’s and Grandma’s had the opportunity to hold her. Sandy brought this beautiful baby to me and said, “It’s your turn now, Grandma.” She smiled, and her brown doe-like eyes with awning-length lashes shone with her tears of joy. She was beautiful. And her heart was, too. I am so grateful we had a strong friendship, not the usual problem between the ex-wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. It was a gift for both of us. Sandy died of lung cancer about eleven years ago.

And now, this young woman is about to turn 15 years old. Wow. What memories! All good ones. She amazes me with her confidence. She’s all about sticking up for herself. I wish I had known about how to do that. It’s a gift to me at this point in my life. Yes, I say I’m late to the party. At least I made it. I’m grateful for that.

The Raabe/Shuck family up in Sioux Falls is about to grow again. Alex and Meagan Shuck will have another baby girl in May! We have so many birthdays in that month! The Babe’s Mom Liz was on the 5th, Mine is the 22nd, the Babe’s is the 24th. I better get to the fabric store for this little one! I think I owe Kenna a quilt, too (and Cory and Amber Davis’ Trisha, too). This Grandma loves to make stuff for babies. And toddlers. It’ll all get done some time.

Psychologically, we know if it’s cloudy outside, that makes a dome over this part of the earth and the weather becomes a bit warmer. It defies logic how our moods lift with sunshine and blue skies; after all, the cold deepens with clear skies! We have sun, blustery winds, and WCI’s of minus to minus 15 below zero. Wow! Lots of people go to Arizona, Texas, Florida or Mexico during this time in a Nebraska Winter. I don’t blame them, really.

These temperatures don’t do a lot for my arthritis, my broken ankle hardware, or my ailing shoulder. At the same time, I’m grateful I don’t have Rheumatoid Arthritis. It’s terribly crippling. See? Yes, we can find positive things when we’re not feeling well, we are tired, we feel the ravages of aging and injury. I’ll be fine. I’m certain of it.

I want to straighten up the area around my sewing machine today. I didn’t quilt my cardinal quilt but want to get it done and displayed this weekend, too. Goals, all help a lot. I’ll get stuff done. We’ll be ahead of the game before we know. Small steps. Patience. It’s all part of our process of the word for my year. “Progress.” I have lots of ideas, lots of plans. Stick around, and I’ll share them with you! Stay warm today, stay inside if you can. We’ll see each other tomorrow!

Tuesday Morning

Good day, friends! I think the world has lost its collective mind. I have never heard of energy shortages of electricity in the winter. It appears the wind turbines have frozen and will not produce energy. And we should rely on them in the future?

Way back in the days or heating oil, I remember a red Milder Oil service truck pulling up next to my parent’s home in South Omaha, and filling the oil tank in the basement. It was just like putting gas in the car, but the big tank in the basement would heat our home. The first house I bought had an oil furnace. It was expensive that first winter. By the second winter, w olde had a new gas furnace.

There were shortages of heating oil in some places during the 1970s oil crisis. The price skyrocketed. But electricity was never an issue. It isn’t an issue during the summer, when we need the A/C either. Water is the commodity we sometimes ration. I question global warming. I suspect all the utilities to go up with no pipeline project. Rolling blackouts required so the middle sector grid of the USA doesn’t run out of electricity. 

Stay Cozy, Nebraska!

Mother Nature will never be defeated. She has the power to alter the landscape of our country and world. She can destroy by water, fire, cold, and heat. We can try to change the might she has, yet she laughs at us. We are powerless against her fury. We need to understand that, and to respect her. She wields a mighty hand. We seem so insignificant compared to her. And we are. Compared to her.

Yet, we still try to get ahead of her. Years ago, the Corps of Engineers decided to re-route many rivers and make huge dams, reservoirs, and in doing so, changed the course of many rivers. When those dams fill up, water is released so there is not flooding nearby. Yet the water runs “downhill,” and causes problems hundreds of miles away, when the smaller rivers cannot handle the volume, and there is flooding all over.

Mother Nature. She can be vengeful. The destruction of those floodwaters was vast. We still see it through the Midwest from a couple years ago. There were some small towns who had to decide whether to move. Some folks still did not want to leave their home. With nothing to rebuild.


Water remains one of the most powerful elements there is. It scares me to death. So does fire. I am also afraid of fire. As a kid, a family in our neighborhood had a house fire and lost everything. Mom, Dad, and five kids were all ok. I remember walking around the corner to see the house after school. The fire was out, and the firefighters were shoveling the rubble out of the opening in the roof and wall. As it fell into the yard below, I saw parts of clothing, bedding, shoes, and board games all scorched and sodden. It made my heart hurt to see it. And the smell! It’s hard to forget that. If we go to sleep early and the neighbors have a fire pit going, it brings back a memory or two until I realize it is a fire pit.

Respect Mother Nature and her force. Today, I am so grateful we have a warm home, cars that run properly, and shelter from life’s storms. Be grateful today, and know we are headed for Spring, eventually.

Keep the faith. Check on your people, neighbors, and friends. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be courteous. We are all worn a little thin. We will get there. See you tomorrow!