Thursday, Post-Opt Visit

Busy day today. The Babe has a post-op followup to his second cataract surgery. All I can say is, it’s getting busy. We won’t have time to drop the Babe back at home before picking Mom up for a doctor’s appointment. Maybe we can do lunch if we don’t get a snowstorm. We’ve heard varying degrees of bad weather for tomorrow. Nothing sounds too bad, but we need to be prepared.

Scenes from an elders life:

It seems Mom let us know how she likes Fish Sandwiches from Burger King. Monday this week, she told me she doesn’t want them this week. It seems she had five brought to her last Friday. She’s kind of over them! I’m taking her some grilled cheese sandwiches this week. Hope she doesn’t get a dozen of those!

After finishing the book, “Broken Angels,” I’m a little puzzled about the critical reviews I’ve seen. I can only speculate the reviewers are young and don’t understand the scope and ramifications of the Holocaust, and the horrors of the death camps. My father was with Patton’s troops as they freed Auschwitz. He never told us about it, but an aunt said she asked him once. He went up to his library to get a book, which he loaned her to read. The book would tell her more than she wanted to know. I did not get the name of the book, and my aunt is no longer with us, either.

What evil my father saw, along with many, many young men. Throughout the wars of history, and “conflicts.” Anywhere men or women died, it is a war in my estimation.

I find it a little funny to see the commercial for the vision center who did the Babe’s cataract surgery. We’ve probably spent 5 or 6 hours there over the past two days. One of the frequent running commercials during the news hours is for the vision center. Perfect photos of the chair I sat in by the windows, but none of the Otis Spunkmeyer freshly baked cookies, baked fresh daily. Those are the cure for everything. Smells so good.

Not kidding. I’ve done zero quilting the past two days. It will be done when I can. Things are a little crazy at the moment. But I finished an enormous book. That counts. How about you? What will this fine Thursday find you doing? Tell me in the comments. Have a great day, and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

Footprints on the Sands of Time

Rich or poor, white, black, or yellow, male or female, young or old, we all leave parts of ourselves on this earth. Sometimes, I wonder how my people may remember me. It’s a normal question, I think. The Babe and I lead a pretty quiet life. Mostly family and a few close friends. I’m meeting quite a few people who are authors, illustrators, and poets. People who share interests.

I think the broader your interests are, the larger your group of prospective friends. Family is family, but friends are those who choose you because of who you both are, not who you’re related to. We all have friends for different seasons in our lives, and I remember them fondly most of the time. There are mean girls in every stage of life, and those I don’t remember fondly. Lessons learned are more like it. We all have them. I think at this point in life, it disappoints me more than when I was younger.

I have completed more than half of the quilting on Cody’s quilt. I’m happy with how it looks. Talked to Cody’s Mama, my Becky, yesterday. She says he adores dogs. He kisses their dog Chief goodnight, and all his stuffed dogs. They must have to start bedtime about 6 p.m. to get there by 8 p.m. with all those kisses! I love to hear about those two kiddos and their family. Sweetness everywhere.

Whether our footprints be glorious or regretful, we all leave them. If you’ve been regretful of the ones you’ve already left, only you can change them. You can change their path and direction. Before you don’t get another chance, live the life you want and for which we will remember you for positively..

In watching OPLive last night, the Babe and I were talking about the crimes being committed across the country. Groups of kids fighting at movie theaters and malls. What’s the point? Locally this past week, many schools were “Swatted.” False shooting reports reported and huge police presence called upon. Who thinks this is a good idea? Why would they do that? It’s a shame they would think of doing that. There is quite an expense that would be involved for calling the police, swat, and fire department backup. They should fine the callers at the expense of the city services. Not a good footprint at all.

Think of what you would like your footprint to be and adjust accordingly. Have a beautiful rest of the day, and we’ll see you tomorrow.