Final Farewell Friday

Today, a fine man, an American Patriot, and an Air Force Security Police Officer was laid to rest. Our friend from the VFW Post 2503, Nugent Jackson, was bid farewell. It was an emotional week for those of us wives who still have our husbands. We know there will be a day at any time from now on, any of us could be the grieving widow. It is sobering.

One thing I did not know about our friend was he was quite fond of Goldwing Motorcycles, by Honda. We knew about him being a livelong Air Force Veteran, a Dog Handler during his stint as Security Police in the Air Force. His widow Lora was looking for someone who had a Goldwing, to give Nugent a last ride. I asked my bestie (after the Babe), my little brother, Tim, if he knew of anyone who could do that. I knew Tim has a Goldwing, and also knew he is still a working guy. He immediately volunteered. What a wonderful thing to do. He’s a veteran of the 915th Transportation Unit from Council Bluffs, Iowa. He was in the Army Reserves for a stint during the early 80s. I’m so proud of my brother. He is a good human being.

Our friend had a final ride on a Goldwing, along with his flag. My brother was proud to perform this duty for a fellow veteran. The family was grateful. It was beautiful. I had a peek into what’s involved in a final farewell from a wife to a husband. It was hard to watch, and it will be hard to do. I admire our friend Lora, who fiercely loved her husband, as he did with her. Nugent respected women, loved his country, and believed in freedom. They don’t make them like Nugent any more.

We need to grieve. His family needs to. His wife certainly needs to. His friends need to. Fellow Post members need to, also. We who could be the next widows need to. Life will continue as it does. Babies will still be born. People will still live and die. Veterans will still be buried at the Omaha National Cemetery. And we will remember Nugent. We will miss him a lot.

For today, I just want to leave you with the comment that all of this in our world is temporary. It will not last. The best is yet to come. Those of us left behind may envy those who have traveled on to their final reward. What is it like? How long do we have? None of know. It’s better that way.

We need to make our time on earth the best. The most respectful. The Kindest. The Most Helpful. The Most Generous. Let’s all commit to being that for all of our time. Let’s be Kind. Let’s be Honest. Let’s be Generous. I want to honor all the good people I know by being a good human. Join me? Yes, the best is yet to come. And our friend is there already. I’m not eager to join him, but look forward to meeting with him again. God has been so good to me, I’m eternally grateful.

Thank you for reading today. I appreciate it very much. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be Thankful. Be Kind. Be Courteous.