Strength to Persevere

Some days, it’s hard to summon the strength to keep writing. Much as I love creating, I miss quilting and sewing, my other passions. I will figure out a way to include those activities in my weeks ahead. In the meantime, some days the blog will be shorter, some days it will be longer; better vs. not so much; easier vs. harder. I’ve learned some days I just need to feel like I’m goofing off. Some days, I need a nap. Some days, I feel as if I can run a marathon.

We often ready ourselves for battle with shiny new helmets and shields. We are ready for anything. We feel as if we could conquer the world. No wonder the road to hell is paved with good intentions. When I started officially writing, I bought all the shiny new pens, journals, etc. and ready for action. It’s funny how we humans do things like that. The biggest cost was the Chromebook. That’s where all the secrets lie. Note to self: Find out how to back this thing up, I’d hate to lose my novel! Wouldn’t that be bad? I shudder at the thought!

Two or so years into the battle, it’s a steady grind. Most days, we do get the blog done; and I’m better for the effort. I need to dig deep and push through the times that are not so “fun.” It happens with every new endeavor. If you go back to school, until it becomes a habit, it’s sometimes a grind. I’m proud to say I took the long-term twenty-five year plan for graduation from college. Twenty-five years after I graduated from high school, I graduated from college. No, I didn’t pursue a Masters Degree, and that’s fine. I love learning. I love digging into a textbook and gaining knowledge. Yes, it took forever; one class at a time. It was the only regret I had. I remember telling my dad that while he was dying of cancer. He told me, “Just keep doing what you’re doing; you’ll get there.” So glad I did.

Personal goals are often lost by the wayside of our busy lives. It’s part of being human. The trick is to keep up the momentum. We too often want to lie on the couch and watch TV than go our in the evening to class. Go out with friends rather than read the textbook. When we get behind, we usually quit. I’ve said before I will not quit. Yes, it’s hard. The right things usually are. I think my dad will be proud of me in heaven.

Almost anyone can start to write a book, lose weight, join an exercise program, or learn a new language, or even join a 12-Step Program. It’s the perseverance to continue when the new endeavor is no longer fun that requires the strength. That’s the true test of our humanness. How about you? Are you sticking with it? Let’s encourage one another. And we’ll all be victorious. The race goes not to the swift, but to the one who persists. See you tomorrow!