Election Tuesday

Today is a big day for our nation. The nation I am so proud to be a citizen in. The greatest nation in the world. Sometimes we do things wrong. Most of the times, we do things right. Like only allowing white people to vote. No more. We saw the error in those ways and have righted the wrong. I remember many news stories from the 1960s. So much wrong. And we have rectified most of those by now. I think we are closer than we ever have been in treating people equally, women specifically. I am fortunate for the time I was in the workforce. Before the “Me Too” movement, I earned my way up the corporate ladder in Computer Programming training available. Within two years, I knew my current employer was not paying me according to my abilities. They thought it was enough to go from $11,500 a year to $15,500 and think that was enough. No, it wasn’t a fair wage.

I left the company and went to another large company in town. I earned an immediate $7,000 more. Six months later, enjoyed a promotion, and earned another $2,500. Sometimes you have to create your own opportunities. A wise boss from upper management taught me that, and I’ve never forgotten that piece of advice.

We need to remember we can work harder and smarter to change our situations. Often more training is paid for by an employer. Even better. They pay for your education in order for you to leave them. Perfect. Become more responsible for your fate. It is not the fault of an elected official miles away from you. Be prepared to work hard to change your circumstances. There is no better feeling than completely changing your life by your will and intelligence, and hard work. You can do it. I did, and I’m proud of that fact. President Reagan drastically cut programs to help divorced moms attending college. They used to have free day care. It ended the year I enrolled at the Community College. I didn’t like it, but couldn’t change it. Sometimes you survive out of sheer determination. I’d like to think that was the case.

When we first approached our polling place, it had a line clear around the building. We didn’t know that many people even lived in Gretna!. We went to do some other errands, and there were only maybe three or four people in line outside. It took less than twenty minutes. Good timing.

Keto Breakfast Egg Cups

This was our breakfast this morning. It was pretty good stuff with blueberries, and a few almonds. It filled us up and was tasty. I’m enjoying making these easy recipes and knowing we’ll help each other being supportive and honest. Yes. it will work. We’ve lost a few pounds already.

When we left the parking lot after voting, we came home to sit outside with the dogs. It’s a beautiful day, and we want to enjoy it. Breezy, but nice. Unfortunately, our pretty trees all around have turned color again, to a dingy, dead brown. They are falling with every gust of wind. It’s the last part of the cycle. I’m glad to be near the time of hunkering down for the winter. It’s time.

I really miss Tim Russert. Remember him? In 2000, he held the white erase board and scribbled on it while explaining results for various states. He had a lot of integrity, and I did not know what his party was. It didn’t matter. He reported the news, not his opinion. I dearly miss that. Informed and Fair.

I’m praying for healing, especially among families who split because of varied opinions. You may be sorry you wasted years being mad at your Mom or Dad over an election. You need them. They need you. Bury the hatchet, but not in each other. Reach out. Phone calls are pretty cheap. Reconcile. You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a lovely rest of the day. I will be here again tomorrow, and hope you are too. Be Kind. Be Humble. Be Patriotic. Go Vote. And God Bless America!

Terrific Tuesday

Good beautiful morning, folks! It’s a real blessing to have such gentle mornings here in mid-August. The afternoons aren’t unbearable. Yes, it’ll be much hotter again, but I’m ready for fall. If I could vote, I’d vote for a long, long, colorful fall, and the leaves wouldn’t fall off the first time it rained after they turned color.

There. I voted. I know I may not get my way. I’ll make the best of it. I won’t criticize. I won’t pout. I’ll be a big girl and live my life. I’ll do the same in November. Just because I vote one way or the other, doesn’t mean my person will win. There are no guarantees. The freedom is in choosing. The outcome is not guaranteed. I’ve lived through terms of presidents I haven’t voted for before. Hmmm. Nixon got in, but he resigned. Agnew was tossed. I didn’t vote for Ford, but I did end up thinking he was ok. Carter was kind of a case of nice guy, but he didn’t get far. Reagan, I didn’t vote for, wasn’t into politics yet. Bush Sr. don’t remember. Clinton, voted for him, disliked his smarmy ways. Bush Jr., didn’t vote for him – after 9/11 I came to respect him and how he tried to heal the nation. I voted for him for reelection. I did not vote for Obama. I just didn’t think he had enough experience doing anything. No politics or business experience. Personally, I thought he was divisive regarding law enforcement.

During his visit to Council Bluffs, IA, in 2012, on the reelection campaign trail, it was a thrill to shake his hand anyway. It was the President of the United States of America! He asked me, “How are you today?” I responded, “Very well, Mr. President, thank you.” Yes, I was thrilled. I respect the office. I will always give respect to the person in the office, whether I choose them or not. It’s how I was taught by my parents.

I did not vote for Hillary, I didn’t want Bill to be near the oval office after desecrating it. I have always thought a business person may be more apt to be able to handle the economic issues of our nation. I think Federal workers should have performance reviews, like in the private sector. No keeping people just because, and they should have objectives, review what they’ve accomplished. Their compensation should depend on it. And their retention. Forgive me, I have an HR degree, worked in the area for a lot of years, and I tend to look at elected officials through the “Executive Search” glasses.

No, I don’t think Tweeting becomes the President. Any President. I think Biden may very well have cognitive issues significant enough to impact his ability to do the job of President. I do not want to see any Senator from California in that office yet. They have a terrible mess in their own state. Why inflict that on our nation?

However November turns out, I will respect the Office of President as usual. I have woken more than once the day after the election with a sick feeling in my gut. But you know what? I’m still here. America is still here. You’re still here. We all have to live together when this is over. Let’s just bury the hatchet – but not in each other – and make the conscious decision to get along. Our future depends on it.

Disagree, but be respectful. Discuss, but be respectful. Demonstrate, but be law-abiding. In my humble opinion, the sooner hate groups leave town, the better; the sooner we say out loud, “All Lives Matter,” the better. Fifty years ago today, a 29 year young Omaha Police Officer was blown to bits by a booby trap bomb in an abandoned house. Caller gave the address and said, “a woman was screaming.” Nothing could be further than the truth. This officer had five children. I wonder what sort of life they had? The Minard family did not deserve to live without their Dad. His wife did not deserve to lose her husband. The OPD did not deserve to lose a good officer. My uncle did not deserve to lose one of his men; one he related strongly with, because he had six children. Hearts were wrenched all over. They still are.

Fifty years later, let’s just stop. All of the killing has to stop. The phrase needs to be “All Black Lives Matter,” and they must matter. Killing your own has to stop. Looting and lawlessness has to stop. It didn’t work 50 years ago, and it still doesn’t. Destroying building and lives never works. Why can’t we see that? I’m tired of all of this, the media, the arguing, all of it. The same with politics. I will not discuss the topic with my friends. I’ll be disappointed if someone thinks less of me and unfriends me. My tolerance is larger than that. I won’t unfriend you, hope you offer me the same. And pure friendship, no political potshots, comments, arguments. We all need to love each other. Be Civil. Stay in School. Everyone! Education ends the cycle of poverty, which is a major cause of problems.

You are all my people if you do even one of these!

On to a better topic. The pic at the header above is a moth I saw on the screen door by the patio. I had to take a pic of it, AND tell the Babe, “Come look at this moth – isn’t it cool?” He rolled his eyes at me, and said, “Uh sure.” I can always count on the Babe for his patience when I get excited over . . . moths. This afternoon I have a Zoom Class on “Writing the First 30 Pages.” It’s one of three I purchased, and I hope I’m not disappointed. My book coach Sam will be my classmate, hope it’s good.

The amazing guys will be finishing up the flooring today. They are doing such a nice job. It’s going to be great to get out of the bunker and stay upstairs tomorrow morning. The dogs miss their respective couches. Hoping you all have a beautiful day, today. I hope you are all safe, sane, and satisfied. Life is so much better when you are.

Thank you for reading today, I appreciate your time very much. Hope you return tomorrow, I’ll have pics of the floors, and news on the class. Book updates won’t happen until Thursday. Lots to do this week!