Monday’s Creations

Somehow, the photo I wanted to use and talk about Monday Sunshine isn’t available. We can talk about it another day, but we’ll talk about Monday’s Creations, instead.

The header photo is one I saved from Facebook. A woodworker saved a triangle of all the knots that marred his pieces of wood, and created this cool sphere with all of them. I love it! What a collection!

I felt quite silly, putting a circle called a yo-yo on one of two quilt blocks, and I appliqued it upside down. It looked weird, but I kept going. I made some others for five other blocks, and realized they looked better on the side I sewed on. Oops! I applied them backwards. I removed the two that were sewn down, and put them on correctly. Much better! I’ve been sewing since about 1968. I never cease to amaze myself at the mistakes I can make. I laugh at them, and then change things around.

One thing I learned first with quilting. The pieces must be cut accurately, and the seams must be 1/4″. Nothing else will make it look like it should. Sewing clothing always has a fudge factor in it. Bigger or smaller seams are ok, depending on how you need it to fit yourself, or whoever you’re sewing for, and adjustments are welcome and necessary. Not so with quilting. Seams are not so forgiving.

I’m learning with writing things have changed dramatically from when in college (the 1980s), I took English Composition, Creative Writing, and some other course, and you could use flowery prose, lots of adverbs, and you were a writer. Not so much anymore. I’m glad I purchased Pro Writing Aid, a lifetime subscription. I don’t plan to stop anytime soon! We’ll get there. There are just too many things to create.

I have a Kindle that is over ten years old. Trying to figure out if it’s worth replacing. I love real books, but if I can spend $0.99 instead of $12.99 that could save me a ton of money. Until I decide, I may use the app on the good old Chrome Book to read. It’s big enough, and I could read in bed, so it might not be a bad idea to get a new Kindle. Or not. What do you all think?

Thanks, for your opinions. I value your time, and your following me. We have #980 + followers now, and will have more. Let’s get to #1000K! Help a girl out. Have a great evening. See you tomorrow.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Sorry, Snoopy. I had to steal your intro line. It truly was! We turned off the tv and went to bed before 10 p.m. The rain was fierce. No wonder it flooded downtown. I’m grateful we are high enough to not have that as a concern. If it gets this high, we need to find a guy named Noah.

While we can’t tell if we have wind damage on the roof, we didn’t see bundles of shingles scattered about. We’re probably good there. My butterfly bush yielded a bit, but I’m sure it will recover nicely. Some folks downtown at the lowest elevation in town had their vehicles swept away. News reports included some folks stuck in an elevator – with water up to their shoulders. I would not do well with that. Hope no one has injuries from it all.

Just darned grateful. I’ll miss watching the leaves fall after turning yellow. I’ll miss watching it bud in the spring. I won’t miss the allergy symptoms. I also won’t miss the air conditioner compressor getting packed with the cotton falling until last night. Probably needs cleaning out again. Nearly time to stop using it for the season.

What will the week hold for you? We had an outdoor concert scheduled for last night; they wisely rescheduled it for next week. That would have been a terrible situation. And their equipment! Glad we’re going next weekend.

While this is terribly short, it’s time to work on a couple other things now – one being a nap, the other a book I’d like to finish. And the chronic pain is yelling at me again. OK, just grateful for being able to sit upright this long. You all take care today, and stay safe. Some folks are without power, and that is never good. Relax, breathe in, and remember to be considerate. Tomorrow? I’ll see you then.