Friday Zooms

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Zoom meeting. I’m visiting this morning with an illustrator for “Roxie, What Are You Doing?” The artist lives in Oregon. I’m excited, and hoping we have an agreement after our talk. Wish us luck. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

I’m excited yet a little nervous. This is a real risk, and I believe we’re both at the ready spot to take it. I’ve never met her, but in looking at her art online, I have a good feeling. Time will tell. I’m not going to count on writing the rest of December. If I have time to fit it in, I will. Depends on how the meeting goes.

I purchased a beautiful painting on Cyber Monday for our bedroom. It turns out the area over the bed isn’t big enough for the 50 inch square quilt I was going to use. It will work on a different wall but not the original one. It’s beautiful shades of blue, and looks beautiful on the Caribbean Blue wall. Trouble is, the quilt I use on the bed during this time of year is pink, green, black, and gold. I don’t know how this will look. I’m cutting out a snowflake quilt that will look great under the painting, but haven’t started to sew yet. Always something new and creative to do!

There is an accumulation of dog hair (a/k/a fibers of joy) around here. Someone else dropped laundry in our bedroom hamper. Where does it come from? We need to have enough rest, it’s going to be a busy weekend. Yesterday and Today is at the Slowdown in Omaha. It’s a Beatles tribute show we’ve seen every year for probably the last eight years. It’s very good. The backstory for the band tugs at your heart and warms your soul. The absolute love of the music and each other has propelled the McGuigan brothers to local rock star status. We are so lucky to have them!

The Christmas tree may find it’s way upstairs and into a state of decoration, too. Sunday, we have a telethon fundraiser for Moving Veterans Forward. It’s a phenomenal organization which does great things for formerly homeless Veterans. They reach out into the community where the Veterans live. Gratitude is what you witness when a client moves into their own apartment. It’s amazing to see.

Monday is a Commander’s Christmas Volunteer Party. It should be fun, and we have a great time. I believe the people we work with volunteering are some of the best friends we’ve ever had. And it’s so good to do good with others. Makes life meaningful. I hope you find something meaningful to add to your life. Start your own outreach, it’ll be great! Great things can be accomplished with many hands. Reach yours out today, and know you’re appreciated. Have a beautiful afternoon and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Monday Scheduling!

Old folks can be especially wiley. Like Wile E. Coyote. The original definition of the word means devious manipulations to get what she wants. It’s apt. A certain young lady doesn’t want to go to therapy so I called to make arrangements for them to come to her home to do it. How easy do they make that? Hopefully, it will get her to cooperate and do what’s necessary. Change is indeed hard.

Had brunch with #1 son today. It’s always a good time. We go back nearly 50 years. Wow. He’s been in my life a very long time. So glad to have him in town. I was telling him about Mom today. I told him to promise me to tell me if I get so- well – wile. He laughed and said not to worry. Glad we understand one another!

What’s on your plate for the week? I’m going to look at software that makes caricature’s from photos and try it out for my kids book. We’ll see how it goes. Hope it works. If not, we’ll go to Plan C. I hope one day Cartney has time to do drawings for a future kids book of mine. Just starting college classes and living off campus has her quite busy, and I agree she probably doesn’t have enough time to work on the project. Bummed, but on to Plan B. I applaud her honesty and candor!

It’s been quite a nice few days, and I’m going to finish on the deck this afternoon. Have new books to start, I think I’ll begin with Rebecca Cooper’s book, “The Light Brigade.” It’s short but packed with poetry. I enjoy her writing on Facebook, and expect to enjoy her book, too. Next will probably be Carol Gino and the angel in her computer. She’s a FB friend I also admire. She was a companion to Mario Puza, who wrote “The Godfather.” I’ve listened to her on podcasts and other learning videos. Learn something from all of them.

It’s almost time to go pick up Addison. It’s a nice few minutes of the day to have contact with the younger generation and learn more about her at this point in her life. She is always so polite and thanks us every day for picking her up. I love the polite kids all our grandkids are. We’re so lucky! Joell and his parents are coming to visit next week, it’ll be great so see them again.

Lots to look forward to! And time to play with the software to see if it’ll work for me. Thanks for reading, enjoy your evening. See you tomorrow!

I. Just. Can’t. Decide!

In the week-long free training I’m taking from Julia Roberts (no, not the actress), we are supposed to be decoding our own creativity. This is about the psychology of creativity. Apparently, we are supposed to fit into one of two kinds of creative thinker. Either divergent (lots of ideas, thinks giant big picture, has unique associations; OR convergent thinker (selects idea, perfects it, communicates it creatively).

Trouble is, it depends on what I’m doing. I can do either. Not bragging. Kind of like realizing I am probably a whole brained person. Logic prevails in some situations, creativity in others. I can honestly say I do both.

We were also to choose what kind of thinker we are; Fast Paced, or Slow Paced. Again, it depends on the situation. It depends on what I’m doing.

On Day Two, we learned how creative thinking works:

Clarify – Focus on right problem.

Ideate – Wants BIG Ideas

Develop – Gets the idea perfect

Implement – Just wants to get it done.

Day Three, yesterday, we were to claim our creative strengths and struggles. Still confused as to what I am, I posed the question if our strengths depended on what we were doing? Ms. Roberts said no, what we are doesn’t change. We’re either one or the other. I truly struggle with this. I still can’t pick. What’s a creative to do? It’s not that I’m wishy-washy.

Later in the presentation, before I had to cut it short to go get our Addison from school, the term “Integrator” was introduced. I thought, “This must be what I am! I don’t have to pick. I know I can do all these things at the proper time.” I wonder what we’ll learn today? More on that tomorrow.

Next week will be so busy! I have a Women in Publishing Conference (via Zoom), and I’m looking forward to it. It’s amazing we have the technology to participate in these things, isn’t it? I’m eager to get started. If you’re interested, I believe you can still register until Friday.

Life is so much fun with things to look forward to, isn’t it? I like to learn, especially about things I know nothing about. It makes things a little more familiar along this road we’re on. I appreciate you keeping me company along the way. Thanks for reading today, I’ll see you all tomorrow. Be Safe! Be Kind. Be Courteous. The weather is finally above freezing, we should all be in a great mood!