Godspell. Benson Theater. McGuigan’s. Need I Say More?

The Babe and I had a date night tonight. We attended the beautiful Benson Theater in Omaha. “Godspell” was a theater production in the early 70s, as was “Jesus Christ, Superstar.” My then husband considered these plays/stories to be sacrilegious in the way they were presented. After all, we each had twelve years of Catholic school teaching. The 70s were a time of significant changes to our entire world. Segregation, social changes, music, and family structures all underwent massive changes. With all that, along came changes to how society viewed Jesus himself. It was time; it was necessary. God/Jesus/Holy Spirit are all much more loving and merciful than originally portrayed.

I’m glad I’ve become more open-minded and married to the Babe since then. The world is bigger when we learn to open our hearts and accept our differences.

We’ve all heard the stories of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. This play portrays scenes from Matthew’s telling of the story, and it was told exceptionally well by the McGuigan’s, the cast, and musicians. Matthew McGuigan is such a talented musical director. You can experience the love put into the songs by the ensemble and musicians. It is incredible to watch.

Billy McGuigan played the role of Jesus. He definitely does the character justice. He was a teacher, preacher, brother, and Savior. His energy reached all over the theater; you could feel it in every corner. That, my friends, is what Jesus does!

The McGuigan Arts Academy kids are developing lots of techniques, skills, and the ability to speak, act, and sing to large audiences. For this former wallflower, I’m in awe of the nerves of steel these kids all have. They were ushers for the audience pre-performance. They all were so polite, welcoming, and offered to answer questions audience members may have. You could tell the kids were proud of their new-found skills. And the Academy staff are proud of what they do. They are changing the lives of these kids. They will have the confidence to meet life head-on. How fortunate we all would have been to have these skills! Thank you, to all who work so hard to bring this all together.

All combined, the play, the Academy kids, the music, and the atmosphere make this such a top-shelf entertainment option. Kudos to Kimberly Faith Hickman and Kate Whitecotton who keep all the cats herded well to pull this off for over ten performances. Find out more at theomahaseries.com. Take it in and feel it in your heart. You’ll be glad you did.

Feelings are really Habits?

What do you think about this meme? I suppose it is true, and I’m going to change some starting tomorrow.

It’s the first of September, and I’m going to commit to doing Keto with the passion I first had. The determination that helped me lose 30 pounds and keep it off, even though I’ve cheated quite a bit since the first of this year. I think I need to give it one last time, then try my hardest to break through this plateau.

So what am I going to do? I’m going to vow to spend the whole month of September doing these things:

Having no sugar.

Having no alcohol.

Having no bread.

Riding my recumbent bike 22 minutes per day.

Doing 71 squats a day to total 2,220.

Do 22 Wall Push Ups a day.

22 minutes a day, 2200 squats a day, 22 wall push ups a day will remind me of the 22 veterans a day who commit suicide due to PTSD. Organizations I volunteer with are very cognizent of this. I vow to be also, so I can help them and the Veterans.

The past summer has been so good with the fundraising efforts of VFW Post 2503 for the help of Veterans with PTSD. I want to help. I want to help other organizations help. We will persevere. It’s what is needed to change those statistics from 22 until none.

This is brief and to the point tonight because it’s been a long day. Spent it with Mom at her house, and I’m glad to have done it. It’s funny, she doesn’t have wi-fi, so I couldn’t do anything blog/computer/or VFW Post related. You miss it when it’s not available.

Have a good evening tonight, and a pleasant day tomorrow. I’ll be spending the day with Mom again tomorrow, so know we’ll talk a little in between. All is well, have a great day, and remember; you are making the world a better place with however you help and volunteer. See you tomorrow!