With the IRS Beast slain for yet another year, I feel like they lifted an enormous weight from me. My procrastination was to blame, and I hope not to do that again. Today, the Babe stayed home to help me clean our house better than we have done it for a while. Solo, I can only do a few tasks every day. Together, we get the complete list of tasks accomplished in half the time. I think I’ll keep him! We both are famous for dropping stuff on the kitchen counters and never really moving them. No more. No more briefcases or backpacks in the kitchen. It will be easier to keep tidy. Thanks, Babe!

Biggest kitchen we’ve ever had. And my favorite one.

The Babe and I went out for lunch, picked up the dogs from the groomer, and then picked Addison up from school. Busy afternoon. Dinner was Spinach/Ricotto Ravioli with tomatoes and peppers. Yum. I’m enjoying Hello Fresh. Thanks again whoever sent us the first free meals. Zested lemon peel on most dishes makes a nice finish. So good!

The girls love their new groomer. They are a small business in Gretna, and come recommended by a friend. And, they’re so tired when they come home! Check out Goldie’s snout on the coffee table.

Goldie and Lexie, snoozing after baths @ groomers.

They both smell so good, and of course, the forecast has rain in it. It doesn’t matter. They’ll get dirty, eventually. Life is so good right now. It’s satisfying. We, blessed beyond our wildest dreams, are looking toward our 24th wedding anniversary this year. How wonderful! What a ride it’s been. Not perfect, never perfect. But just right for us.

Thank you for reading today. There will be fresh adventures ahead. My ducks are slowly lining up. We have a great summer planned. Stay tuned. Have a beautiful evening. See you tomorrow.

Junk Drawer, Junk Thoughts

Saturday, as I rummaged through the out-of-control junk drawer in our kitchen, it occurred to me how easy it is to junk up our thinking. It’s easier than we think; we need to stay one step ahead of ourselves.

When we think ill of ourselves or our ability, we are accumulating junk thoughts. When we let those self-defeating thoughts in, we’re in danger. The danger exists in those little lies we allow ourselves to hear; “You can’t do this! You’re a girl! Girls don’t run businesses!” “You can’t do this! You only went to community college. Everyone knows your degree isn’t as good as a four-year one!” “You think you’re so smart! You really don’t know what’s right for you!” “Who do you think you are?”

While I don’t consciously entertain those thoughts, I can self-sabotage with the rest of them. I didn’t hear how I did a good job every time I performed something minor in everyday living. If I got a B on my report card, I should have received an A. I’d be close, and if I worked harder, I’d be able to have an A. I’d be able to have a perfect score. Gosh. Was that possible? Not really. I’d have to work impossibly hard. No, I was a girl. I’d probably not be able to.

During that era, there was an unspoken rule; a girl never allows herself to be smarter than a boy. I’m serious. I remember reading in a Catholic girl’s magazine if you know the answer in class and a boy you like gets it wrong, you shouldn’t raise your hand and give the correct answer.

Imagine my delight while during a spelldown in fourth grade, I out-spelled the smartest boy in the class. Louie Safranek. He and a brother are state epidemiologists. Bug doctors. They are scary-smart. But he misspelled the word satellite. Yep. And I beat him. I never won. But I did that day. I won the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was a proud moment. That feeling made me feel i could do anything. I’ve remembered that.

That feeling of achievement is something I’ve repeated throughout life. Raising my kids alone, while going to college and working full time. I was proud of my work and accomplishment. More women need to feel that way about themselves. I look forward to feeling that way again with the publication of my children’s books and novel.

Seeing my name in print is something I’ve always wanted to do. I feel it looking at my chapter in the Nebraska Writers Guild Anthology that was published in 2021. I look forward to seeing the entire book in print. With my name on it. How many of us get to do these things? It’s easy and hard at the same time. How can that be?

Believe in your dream. Do the work to achieve it. Keep at it. Don’t give up. Practice discipline. Take a break if you need. Yes. After having these a break since December, I’m feeling called to write again on my novel. I’m happy about the spark I’m feeling. It will be a fun spring and summer.

Another busy day, and tomorrow will be a repeat of today. Have a nice rest of the evening and we’ll see each other tomorrow.