Clean Sweep Tuesday

Oh gosh, it’s pretty late in the day to be writing my blog. Sorry to be so late! It’s been a pretty busy day.

So, our cleaning lady has quit, she got a job where she can have benefits, and I don’t blame her. We had two people offer their person since they are looking for more houses to do. We turned them down for now, the Babe says we should be able to do it ourselves. Wow. Haven’t cleaned much in the past nearly four years! I may need retraining! So, first thing this morning, I emptied the cleaning pantry, where I kept the extra things and cleaning supplies we moved here from the old house.

WOW! I’m ready for a lot of cleaning, looks like

OK, the Babe took the kitchen, bath, office and studio. He even dusts, have I told you that? What a guy. While I was vacuuming the bedroom, I thanked his sweet Mom in heaven for raising her sons to know how to take care of themselves. They learned because she worked, and they had to earn their keep. The boys babysat for the girls when they were born, so the Babe is even good with feeding babies and changing diapers – all kinds – yes, he does. Too bad I didn’t know him sooner, but that’s another story.

So, it took me a long time to do some rearranging in the dresser, and the bedroom before I finished. We had lunch and I worked out some things for the book coach I’m checking in with tomorrow, and here we are. Sigh. Time just goes so quickly! It’s time for dinner and to regroup for the evening. It’ll be indoors again, the rain has been off and on all day. Goldie was napping most of that time, good thing. She has quite an active voice when she communicates what she wants. And loud. She’s not a passive wallflower, that’s for sure. Too much fun.

I need to cut this short, need to get the Chicken Alfredo leftovers going. I love leftovers at the end of a busy day. It’s still good food, but no fussing over it. Thank you for reading, and for reading yesterday, too. I appreciate the time you spend with me. I’ll be here tomorrow, too. Hope to see you then! Stay safe. Stay home. Stay connected. Socially distance as you venture out for necessities. We’re not over this yet. It’ll be awhile. Blessings until tomorrow!

Bears Repeating!

Saturday Fun Times!

So yesterday we went to the garden center and purchased some beauties. I planted a few things in pots earlier, and one in the ground in the front yard. A smaller hydrangea bush. It should look pretty good next to the butterfly bush that grew so huge last year. We’re planning to keep it trimmed up a bit as it grows, so it doesn’t encroach on the sidewalk to enter the house. Last year it needed to be trimmed a lot.

My back does cause considerable problems when I do work like this, so I sat down on the little front porch steps to rest it a minute. I untangled the wind chimes I purchased a few years ago at Shopko, when they were still open. It was tangled to badly, I was tempted to cut it apart and restring it. But then I started thinking about my dad. He could untangle necklaces that were twisted and tangled so bad you were tempted to throw them out. He was a man of incredible patience when it came to things like that.

I started thinking about him as I sat, trying to untangle the knots of all elements of this wind chime. The more I thought about him, the easier the tangle became. I was truly amazed at how the time passed, the tangles fell away, I thought of how my dad would work on things while working them out, I could smell the freshness in the air, I was aware of the coolness of the concrete, it was such a relaxing, enjoyable experience. And this was the result:

Late getting started, but the front is looking better.

I’m sure now I’ll have those heartwarming thoughts of my dad when I glance out the window while writing or sewing. I’m such a “just look out the window at this or that” kind of person. I hope to experience many more things like this when I’m looking away to let my eyes wander.

The Babe is mowing the yard in between working more on the birdhouse bench he’s building. It’s amazing how thick the grass in the back yard has become, despite the dogs being out and using it as dogs do. I used to think only retired people had nice lawns. I remember mowing our lawn on a big banked hill when my kids and I lived on Nicholas Street. My son Nicholas sure thought it was great to live on a street named after him. I do believe it was named long before he was thought of, but I didn’t want to burst his bubble. I have a bunch of plants to keep planting this afternoon, and I’d better get back to it.

There are a couple plants I need to plant in nicer containers, like the Hibiscus tree, and hope I can keep it alive this winter. Maybe remembering to water it will help, too. Since we have lost our great cleaning lady, we’ll be cleaning now and should be in a better position to be watering plants that need it. Yes, I’m sad to lose Lori, but she needs some benefits and to be more secure for her future. I wish her well, and am glad to have had her since we moved into this home. Good Luck!

Below is an overview of the flower garden the Babe fenced in for me. There are Columbine, a small Hydrangea, and a couple Asiatic Lilies down there. We’re going to lay down Landscaping Cloth and decide where the annuals go. I hope to get everything in and thriving by tomorrow afternoon.

Lots of Potential

There is something about this meme that I love. I do believe many of us have been doing this since social distancing and stay at home were introduced. I know it’s hard for the Babe to put into words how he feels, he just knows things are “off”. I feel the same way. It’s kind of like listening to someone talk, but you feel and hear like you’re underwater. Or you go somewhere and don’t think about driving there, but realize you are there. That’s the time to do like these two little guys do above. If you can’t or don’t want to talk about it, maybe you just need someone to sit with you. Quietly. Just feel the being together. It helps. Try it with someone you trust, love, and respect. It is the best medicine.

Thank you for reading today. I appreciate your time. Sit by someone you trust and love. Enjoy their quiet company. Or untangle your windchime from last summer. It will take your mind away from your troubles. So relaxing. I will be here again tomorrow, hope to see you then. It’s the Babe’s birthday. I’m off to bake a Red Velvet Cake. The store was out of German Chocolate. So the Babe bought our granddaughter’s favorite. Hope the others like it! Take Care. Drive Safely. Wash Your Hands!