Information Needed ?

Before we decide anything in our lives, we need to have as much information regarding different outcomes as possible. If we want to write a novel. There are two different schools of thought on how to map it out.

The first way is the way of the “pantster.” The story goes where it leads you, with no outline, list of characters, a loose idea of where it should go. The total opposite of that is the way of the “plotter.” They have detailed plots, fully developed characters, complete plots, and prolific writing.

Before you write a story during a certain period in history, research the customs, clothing, social mores, language, and everything else before considering it ready for beta readers and editors. Lots of work, but necessary.

Before you purchase a home, you usually have an inspection by a qualified inspector. They can tell you about any problem areas you might miss. A faulty furnace, bad electrical, a leaky roof, and a host of other things can be problems soon.

In these situations and medical issues, we need complete information before deciding a course of action. Mom has some things going on, and we have more tests before she can decide what to do. She is a very good patient and is not afraid to ask questions.

The timetable of my kid book publication depends on some of these things. Nothing is more important than family. More information will be available within two weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Take a walk if it’s nice outside; or read a book. We need to enjoy our lives every day. Even the hard work parts. It all helps make us who we are. Enjoy your Thursday, and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

Wednesday Editing, Too!

Here we go again. I was fearless yesterday. I deleted pictures, undid the backgrounds with patterns, and saw white backgrounds and my story words in black text. It looks naked again. It won’t be for long. I’ve read once you’re away from your writing project for awhile, it is much easier to edit the words, thus being more succinct.

We had a nice family dinner last night with Tracy, TJ, Gavin, Cindy and Brad. Cindy is the Babe’s sister, who is in town for training at her new job. She will work remotely in Sioux Falls. Isn’t technology grand? We bought local, Bar B Que from a small restaurant in Gretna, and gathered seven people in our kitchen, sharing a meal. Addison was not able to come over. The evening was full of talk, laughter, jokes, and love. We don’t often have this chance so it was really nice. It’s hard when the majority of your family lives out of state.

Brad is an accomplished photographer in addition to being a top notch web designer. He took a new headshot to replace my original one from a few years ago when my hair was very short. He unloaded his equipment into our living room; the lights, camera, and slight moves coached me into a nice photo. I’ll unveil it next month when I add new pages to my website, right here. You’ll know when it happens. He is a magician with his camera. What a talent!

The header today is close to my heart. Sometimes the most interesting memories enter my mind while looking out the window. Recollections of childhood spent outdoors, walking to school with my best friend Peggy, Mass every morning at our Church before school, and many other things. It’s all part of the tapestry of my story. And stories are what we all tell, in one form or another. Some are capable of putting their stories to music, some to the page. It’s something that is meant to be shared. I’m grateful to all of you who continue to read my musings, and am grateful we are now at 944 followers. Let’s get to 1000! It’ll be fun!

I’m going to plunge further into the world of editing when I close this device. It’ll start me towards the goal of finishing something I’ve always wanted to do; create a child’s book. What will you create today? What would you like to do with your time? Do it, while you can; before you can’t, as the song goes.

It is a beautiful sunny day at the home office in Gretna, Nebraska. There will be a small town festival this weekend signaling the end of summer. The high school band practiced for the first time this morning, I could hear the drumline. It’s a sure sign of back to school. The sights and sounds of summer are waning, even though it’s only July. Have a beautiful day. See you tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

Today is a happy day. Imagine my surprise after giving birth and hearing the Doctor tell me, “It’s a girl!” I have three brothers. I have two sons. I know how to take care of boys, they were who I babysat the most. And I have a girl? I became thrilled. Pink bows, ruffly dresses, and sunhats.

Have you MET my daughter? Probably not, she did keep up with her brothers, played with Tonka trucks in our backyard, played in the manure I fertilized the tomato plants with, (while wearing a minty green dress), and she took the fish heads her brother cut off to pretend they were running away saying, “Yipe, Yipe, Yipe, Yipe, Yipe!” She has the best sense of humor. She’s lived in Colorado for twenty-one years, is married to Brian, and has a little girl and boy; Kayla and Cody.

In watching my daughter, I learned independence. I marveled at how she was matter of factly ready to press ahead. When she went to school, she was happy and made friends easily. She is a person with a lot of drive; she went to tech school for radiology, and is currently working as a mammogram tech. I’m proud of her, and her family. The little’s are very close together, but she was older when they married. They prefer not to have photos on the Internet, so I honor that request. But they’re all a handsome family. I’m so blessed!

Today, I’m working on finding on photographs to match the pages in my children’s book, “Roxie, WHAT Are You Doing?” We have a cool idea on how to illustrate the story using pictures, I think it’ll be fun. It’s as fun looking through puppy photos as it is looking through baby photos!

I’m off to get at least part of them, and hopefully, there will be more tomorrow. Take care out there, and be safe. The mask ordinance is back in Omaha, a state official tried to get it stopped, but they weren’t successful. Let’s be safe. Do what we need to do. Take care, have a beautiful day, and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

The Journey.

It took years, but going from a scared younger woman with anxiety affecting my health to an older woman, president of her own company, author, story teller, and deeply grateful friend of many is a great reward for about forty years of very hard work. It was lonely at first. I was late to the women’s movement, but grateful for the laws that were changed. I am not in favor of preferring women over men, I believe the opportunities should be equal. In IT they are, and that is where I was lucky to spend the bulk of my career up to 2000. The people I know now are all so supportive, teachers of my craft, and mentors for my business. Although I’m approaching another major decade in age, my world is expanding. It’s exciting!

I was unhappy for years. I was becoming my mother, which I adamantly did not want to be. She was angry all the time from raising all of us basically alone since Dad worked nights and slept days. Mine, I know for sure it was from the condition of my marriage. It wasn’t a partnership, it was a dictatorship. After my husband was gone for about six months, my neighbor friend told me, “I see you smiling all the time. When we moved in last summer, always looked angry. Now, you are happy.” WOW! That probably says it all.

The other thing showing me how bad it really was? I was on Valium for years. My stomach had spasms from the stress I was living with. It was an era of mother’s little helper prescribed by doctors and sung about by the Rolling Stones. I stopped the meds. No more nervous stomach. I divorced my stomach ache. Of course, I did love him, once upon a time. I wish him no ill will. I am so happy without him.

I probably had OCD; at night, every single Fisher Price little person had to be with their set, I would tear the house apart to find them. I didn’t realize it was OCD. I also had PTSD from my son’s drowning. We didn’t hear of PTSD for more than twenty years. The advice from the doctor; “you just have to think of something else.” Tell my brain about that. When I see a child drowning on the news all these 44 years later, my stomach falls. It is simply part of my life which I’m comfortable with. My son survived and is normal, no after effects. Grateful beyond measure.

There have been many, many hard months. Heck, hard years. It’s not easy to raise three kids alone, get your bachelor’s degree, and work full time. My folks watched my kids a lot, and I’m so grateful for that. Many professors along the way made big differences in my thinking and outlook. It’s all been such a growth opportunity, I don’t see autumn coming for at least another ten years or so. It’s very good.

The Babe is such a perfect partner for me. We work very well together. Sure, it’s not perfect, but you learn which battles to pick. Not the nit-picking ones. I remind myself before I criticize out loud that, “someday, I’ll miss that.” And can stop myself. Being a grown up is good most of the time.

Today, I’m emailing my children’s book to another artist. We will meet in person about it tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. Today is a catch up day for the house and the Post communications. In fact, one email I need to send is about our communications! In the meantime, it’s another cold day in Nebraska, even though they’re touting the 50 degree temp expected. It’s still January during the winter in Nebraska. The day’s are short and it’s a cold 50.

The story continues. Thank you for joining me on the journey! See you tomorrow!