Tuesday, Early A.M. (I Hope!)

I did not see until I signed on to write Tuesday’s blog Monday night where Monday’s was. OMIGOSH! There it was, thumbing its nose at me. I was relieved it was still here and fully intact. Sure, when I don’t check if the scheduling worked or not, it fails. Sorry to have just published it later last evening.

Here’s hoping this one makes it out there at 5 a.m., like it’s supposed to.

For all the complaining we do about technology, it really is amazing. Since I took coding and programming classes in the mid-80’s, things have progressed like we thought would only exist in Outer Space, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, The Jetsons, and The Wild, Wild, West. Yes. Gadgets and foiling the enemy.

When I worked as a Systems Analyst at Mutual of Omaha, we had a mainframe where all the programs ran to bill people, process reports, enroll people for Insurance, (Health and Life) and AD&D and Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability. We worked on a Legacy system. It would have been far too costly to replace all the old, old programs. We added code that was used only for certain criteria. Mutual was very good at testing before implementing changes. We rarely had to correct it. Another place, not so much.

Long story short, I love what we can do from the comfort of our homes. And I know once we’re too complacent, things might not work perfectly. Look what just happened yesterday for me!

It was just a day of cleaning, scrubbing stuff up, and deciding how to rearrange things. I’m reading the second chapter of Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way.” I’m amazed by the number of ways to define a drama queen. Cameron calls them “Crazymakers.” Guilty as charged, to be sure. That’s exactly what they are. Like drama queens, they want to ensure everyone’s world revolves around them. Like drama queens, they put you down for wanting to follow your creative dreams. Maybe they even wanted to, but ended up being blocked creatives. Often, blocked creatives are the best at discouraging creatives who think for themselves. It can be lonely on your way.

And there are many people who wonder if you’ll write about them. And if you’ll portray them as they think they are. Chances are, you will portray them as you think they are. And the truth will be somewhere in between. The worry tortures many authors if their characters are based on real people; will the real people be mad? My thoughts are between thinking, “they should have treated us kinder,” to, “I never could while they’re alive.” It’s a tough decision to make. I haven’t weighed in on where I stand. Still evaluating.

Did some more work on Cody’s quilt. Tomorrow will be more of the same. I have to say, I’m fascinated by “The Artist’s Way.” some things Cameron describes makes me think I’ve dealt with certain things the Crazymakers caused before this point in my life. I’ve dealt with a lot. Maybe I’ll face an ambush later on, and it could happen. It’s good to have your defences up. More football on tonight. I know the Quarterback from TCU is from Council Bluffs, Iowa and his hometown is rooting for him. It’s all good for me. Georgia is ahead, it’s just the second quarter. Just hope all emerge safe from the game tonight.

The Babe assembled all three of our new bookcases over the past few days. I forgot what finish we ordered, and it turns out it’s a dark brown, Espresso, I believe. They’re nice. Now to go through all the books. All. The. Books. More ono that later.

What’s up for your agenda today? I hope it’s a good day for you all the way around. Be kind. Be safe. And read a little bit. We’ll see each other tomorrow.