Wednesday ‘s Hot Stuff!

It’s a warm 9 degrees at the Home Office in Gretna, NE this morning. This is weather for comfort food, but it’s also time you can see live music tonight at the Ozone Lounge, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. My friend Jimmy Weber will perform, along with a list of friends set to join him for a tune or two. His new album, “Black and Blue Heart,” has been out for a couple weeks. I review it here, and I’ve listened to it a lot. Go for a night out. You’ll be glad you did. I hope we get there, depends on how soon the Babe finishes up at the VFW. Jimmy, hope to see you later! (It will be on Facebook Live, if you can’t make it).

And by the weekend, it’ll be even warmer. Check out Rave On Productions. They are presenting “Hedwick and the Angry Inch.” It is an underground rock musical – one of the most popular of all time. The music is something to hear the McGuigan clan deal with in their usual fine fashion. Can’t wait to go see it! The Waiting Room in Benson! We’re going Saturday night, when it’s supposed to be near 32 degrees! How’s that for a perfect night? Get your tickets for this ten performance offering. Check out all his other fun stuff, too; the McGuigan Arts Academy, music lessons, and all the happenings at Countryside Village.

Folks, you’ll feel better getting out and doing something normal for a change. Socially distanced is still required, with masks in Omaha. Small sacrifice for getting out after being snow/cold-bound. See you out at both events, I hope!

I need to get back to sorting the rest of our tax information. And set up the easier system for THIS year. I guess when filing stuff was my job; I kept up with it. I have the nasty habit of tossing everything into a computer paper box and sorting through it. I’m better than that. This is the year I do something about it. Promise to myself, and you are my witnesses!

Yesterday, I played hooky. I got a haircut. Then went to the Post. The progress on their remodeling project is awesome! The Babe is managing the project. He is such an excellent leader. Seriously, if you want anything done, Dan will do it, he’s the man. So proud of him. We had a fun day, really. Today, it’s back to reality.

What will help with the wintertime blues, the COVID blues, the frigid weather blues, and general cabin fever? Going to do something for enjoyment. I felt great going somewhere alone yesterday. Usually the Babe or Mom is along. I should do that more often. Here’s to hoping you have some alone time. I plan to hope you do, too. Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!

Black and Blue Heart

This is dedicated to my friend, Jimmy Weber, who just released a new album. You need to read this review, which describes each and every song in detail. Jimmy deserves all of this praise and more. I was never a fan of country music (I listened here and there, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Martina McBride), until the Babe and I went to see him perform on his own. We loved him when he played with Billy McGuigan. No one can play the guitar like he can. Hands down, the best player there is. We’re lucky he settled locally, so we can hear him live several times a year (pre-pandemic).

After I downloaded the album, I sat at my desk and listened. I just listened to the music and the words. As a songwriter, Jimmy weaves tales with his lyrics, and they are all heartfelt stories, very raw with human emotion. He and his friend, Jason “Jake” Mayer, crafted these lyrical stories during the pandemic, and collaborated well during many Facebook Live events last fall. They were fun to participate in, and he introduced many of these new songs live. I love to listen to the stories and let the words and music touch my soul. Good music does that. This is beyond good; it’s superior.

Jimmy and Jake shared a lot of their hearts in these songs. As a person who was alone in this hard, cruel world for too many hard years, I recalled many, many personal hurts while listening to their words. I shared the emotion. You will, too. Your heart has to be in the right place to feel it. As a woman with a strong-silent type husband in the Babe, they described what men often can’t say out loud. The loneliness, the bone-crushing, soul stabbing pain of an often-broken heart. I’ve lived it, and I remember it all too well.

That said, it’s not a downer at all. It offers hope, the thoughts and belief in faithful love every human longs for. And it’s made beautiful. There is also a funny tune, “The Lord’s Got My Soul,” with the great Ray Scott. It’s a song to brighten any dark day. The music business has to be hard on relationships, and there are stories about that, too. Don’t give up, guys. You’re both good men with good hearts. Your dreams will come true about your careers and private lives, too. You South Dakota men all have the best hearts. (The Babe is from there, too).

Get Jimmy’s music – you’ll appreciate it. It may even lead to me asking the Babe to slow dance with me in the living room by the fireplace tonight. Wonder what he’ll say? See you all tomorrow!