Don’t Be That Guy

People may doubt what I say, but they always believe what I do.” – Ellie E.

We all know people who talk a much better story than they act. You never know whether to believe them. They may be angry if you don’t believe them. They shouldn’t be, really, if they never follow through on their promises or talk.

Actions speak louder than words. I’ve always had a thing about people’s actions not matching their words. If you say “I’m going to take you out for your birthday,” I would expect you to follow through. You are not a man or a woman of your word. It tells me I cannot trust you.

After my first marriage ended, people who over promised and under delivered troubled me. It was a common thing among some people I knew back then. I was naïve to think everyone was honest and kept their word. Not so. I became so distrustful I felt no one was honest anymore. Then, I met the Babe. He told the truth, still does, and honors his promises. Every single one of them.

During the “get to know you time,” we talked about relationships we had previously. He honestly told me his first marriage ended because he drank. The second ended because he quit. It doesn’t get more honest than that, now does it? He had nothing to hide or prove. I remained skeptical and finally tore down that wall. It’s rubble. No need for it anymore.

Work on becoming a person of your word. Start with small things. Learn to trust yourself at your word. Daily practice makes it become easier with time. Don’t be the person with empty promises. Follow through isn’t just important in baseball or golf. It is in life, too.

When people can’t believe themselves, it is very hard to convince others when you commit to something. If we want to be believed, we need to follow through. If we are against domestic violence, we need to speak out if we see someone in harm’s way. Bullies are everywhere. Defend those who cannot defend themselves. By your actions you gain credibility. You build trust. You find you do and can keep your word. Your life improves because of it.

“A Matter of Trust” is one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. I saw him in concert once, and he opened with this song. It was after he married Christie Brinkley and they had their baby girl, Alexa. Although their marriage did not last, this is still a great song and the words speak to me. Enjoy and pay attention to the words.

As you continue your day, remember how important it is to make your actions match your words. Don’t make any promises you have no intention of keeping. Build trust by keeping your word. Be Kind. Be Honest. Be Truthful. Follow Through. Make it a great day! Thank you for reading. See you tomorrow. That, you can count on!

Buyer, Beware!

I think part of the responsibility of membership in various author groups is to alert others new to this business of scams. Since my attorney is taking care of all the fees, filing fees, and any other costs associated with establishing Jewell Publishing, LLC, I became suspicious of four official looking letters I’ve received since the first of the month.

Of the four photos above, the two middle ones are the only legit paperwork. In fact, they’re the same letter, just zoomed in. The far left and far right are scammers, trying to get money from a newcomer to the publishing business, namely, me. I’m glad I could ask my attorney about them. Two were requests for publishing notices, which the attorney is doing, one is demanding I purchase a Labor Law poster for $94. The Name Publishing Company wants another $117. The four notices could have cost as much as hiring an attorney to tend to your business.

Just a caution, folks. Sometimes in our excitement, we forget to question things. Sometimes we believe things are legit when they’re not. I would not want other newbies to fall for scams. I hope it helps you!

On a lighter note, have I told you about the VFW Post 2503 Honor Guard ammo? The Honor Guard, when attending to a Veterans funeral rites, fire three volleys. It it NOT a 21-gun salute. It is three volleys. 21-gun salutes are reserved for the President, and heads of state. In reality, if eight guys are firing, you have a 24-gun salute. It’s a common misconception. I just learned the real story a couple years ago.

In order to fire these three volleys, they need blank ammunition. Where do we get it? From the DOD (Department of Defense). There are rules to follow when ordering the ammo. It needs to be delivered to an address where someone can receive it and sign for it. The first time the Babe ordered it and had it sent to our address, I was shocked. The Fed Ex guy was bringing two wooden boxes of clearly marked “Ammunition” to our house. I signed, then closed the door.

“Hey, Babe, what’s with the Ammunition delivery? We don’t have a firearm, do we?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to tell you.” He then explained the rules, and it was fine. I’ve received many boxes of ammo since then. Usually the delivery guy will put it in the back of my SUV. At that height, it’s easier for the Babe to move it to his car. In fact, there are two boxes of it in the back of my Honda Passport right now.

Yep, I’m Sure The Delivery Guys Wonder.

Right after I finished yesterday’s blog, the delivery came. I had to head up to Walmart for our grocery order. I didn’t think twice about the two boxes of ammo in the cargo space. As I looked in the rear view mirror as the back door opened, I saw the Walmart employee do a double take. It was humorous to say the least.

I wonder if he told anyone, “Yeah, this Grandma looking lady had two boxes of ammo in her trunk. Wonder what she’s doing with that?”

“You’ll never believe what I saw in a car when I was loading a grocery order.”

It is kind of funny. There is a shooting range about six blocks from Walmart. This is how stories get started, you know? It just takes one odd thing we want to expand on. Footprints in the snow. A dog whining and acting nervous. You can create a great story and watch it grow.

Today is the third day of five for a Facebook Group session on Write Without The Fight. We’re learning to identify our style and work through impasses in our working. Trouble for me is, just as I use both sides of my brain, creative and logical, I also can use different thinking styles: Fast or Slow paced, Divergent or Convergent, and Ideate and Implement when necessary. I’m not bragging here, I just cannot pick one I do best and one I do worst. I’ll have to ask Julia Roberts, the facilitator, if that’s possible. I do think it’s from working in IT. We would have to do all these things at once to solve problems.

What a difference a year makes?

25 pounds lost, a business founded, and a kids book nearing publishing. It’s been a good year.

Thank you for reading today. Watch out for scams, whatever you do! And just think of the stories lying about, waiting to be told, embellished, and turned into novels. I need to put all the backup papers into the storage boxes, and claim our kitchen table back from the tax prep man. See you tomorrow! Make it a great day. Be Safe.

What Day Is It Again?

Tell me how these two people in our home can’t remember what day it is. Every day this week, I’ve thought it was a different day. Why is that? It doesn’t even matter to us anymore, since we’re retired. Yesterday, I knew it was Sunday. When I woke this morning, I thought it was Sunday. I heard the weekday newscasters blabbing on and had to ask, “what day is this?” The Babe said, “Monday.” Wow.

The book, “Let Him Go,” is phenomenal. I love the work of Larry Watson, and this is the first book of his I’ve read. It for sure won’t be the last. I should finish it today. I don’t want to see the movie before I’ve finished the book. It’s raw, gritty, and realistic. The year is 1951, and the setting is Montana. We’ve only driven through Montana exiting Yellowstone National Park. I loved it. We learned why it’s called “Big Sky Country.” The air is so fresh. I’d love to go back again. Summer, or just before Memorial Day. The snow can still melt.

I’m thinking in another life, I may have lived during the late 1800s in the west. I’ve always wanted to ride horses, something I’ve only done once. Doesn’t matter, I can’t now because of my spine issues. But the fascination is there. I think horses are regal beings and they have an intelligence man can train and form a bond with. I can see myself riding horses at the turn of the century, wearing pants, which would be frowned upon. Yet, I could also wear beautiful dresses when required to. I would be a complex character. Full throttle, yet reserved. I’d better make some notes about this. It could be fun!

We caught Matthew McConaughey on Rachel Ray this morning, talking about his memoir, “Greenlights.” He blew me away with a story. As a kid a contest deemed him “Little Mr. Texas” with a trophy and cowboy hat. His mom hung the pic in the kitchen and every day, she reminded him he was “Little Mr. Texas.” How cool.

Today’s technology let him zoom in on the trophy. The trophy engraving read, “Little Mr. Texas – Runner Up.” WHAT?? He asked Mom. Why did you do this? Because in her mind, he was. And it encouraged him every day of his life. She believed in him, and he learned to believe in himself. How wonderful. What a kid-friendly environment. Encouragement goes a long way. It should be a good read. I’ll let you know.

My Reading is Picking Up. Writers Need to Read. Who Would Have Thought?

It’s been good to sort through all the papers and information I’ve collected in the past year and a half. A lot is being tossed, and I’m grateful I am learning to be more selective in what I devour. There are many slick presentations out there, and I’m glad to steer clear of most of them. One company does scam people, it charges you for shipping on a “free” item, then charges you a membership on some stuff you’ve never seen before. They were slick about their scam, it would appear the website was having difficulty, and flash through the “I Accept” page, then you are stuck. I got a refund until they provided copies of those “I Accept” pages, which I never saw, and were awarded their $$. I cancelled the credit card. It was “” and they have had many complaints. There is an association with Platinum Millennium Publishing. and have been a problem for many writers on Facebook.

There is nearly an entire day out there to achieve something wonderful! I will do more getting rid of stuff I don’t need, and some other fun stuff around the house. Like dusting. We lost our cleaning lady in May, because of COVID, and I miss them. The Babe is wonderful about doing things like vacuuming and mopping the floors. I don’t dust as much as he vacuums. I need to get on it. I promise.

I hope you’re off to a new adventure. I will conquer the dust today, the endless papers, and a sewing project. Along with reading more. I will not stress myself with NaNoWriMo this year. I need to spend time elsewhere. Thank you for your time today, and I’ll see you tomorrow! Be Kind, Be Courteous, Be Thankful. Be Safe. Wear that Mask. Wash Those Hands. We’re in this together. #NotAlone