Facebook Ads Training

I changed my mind about the topic for today. We’ll learn about Pete Seeger another day.

Mom called me this morning. I told her I couldn’t do an errand with her today. When I told her I was doing an online training class over today and tomorrow, she said, “OK. Study hard.” I haven’t heard her tell me that since I was in high school. It was a pretty cool memory. I’m smiling to myself about it.

We walked to and from school every day. You could only stay at school for your sent-from-home sack lunch if you lived more than a mile from school; or, if you Mother worked. We walked home every day at lunch time, then went back to school. The nuns didn’t want all the kids on the playground at lunchtime, and wanted those of us who walked to take our time coming back. If you heard the bell ringing and were a half block away, you timed your return to school well. Mom always told us to study hard. That’s what I’ll do today. With a smile.

In my spare time (?!?), I take care of the VFW Post 2503 Social Media, Face Book, Twitter, and Instagram, posting items of interest and events our members and friends may be interested in. Since their status is a non-profit organization, some of the rules are different for posting ADS. Since learning something new never hurt anyone, I jumped on the “classes,” and this is a free hour before two back to back classes. I am not viewing anything about social causes or anything, so I’m skipping one of them. I expect to get a lot from the time spent. Besides, it counts as volunteer time, since I’m helping the Post become more visible, in the new and improved version we’re creating. We have a lot to offer young Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. And they have so much to share with us. I love the eagerness of youth, and the wanting to help however they can.

We are about to go our separate ways tonight; the Babe to an Honor Guard Meeting, me to see the fabulous Tara Vaughn at the Sumter Ampitheater. She has perfored her show “She Rocks!” for several years now. It’s another idea someone talked about out loud and said, “Why not?” I’ll love listening to live music again.

The girl singers of the 60s and 70s were fabulous. This concert will be a compilation of all of them, and it never gets old. Take care this evening, and get outside if you can. I plan to, and also plan to see you tomorrow!