With the IRS Beast slain for yet another year, I feel like they lifted an enormous weight from me. My procrastination was to blame, and I hope not to do that again. Today, the Babe stayed home to help me clean our house better than we have done it for a while. Solo, I can only do a few tasks every day. Together, we get the complete list of tasks accomplished in half the time. I think I’ll keep him! We both are famous for dropping stuff on the kitchen counters and never really moving them. No more. No more briefcases or backpacks in the kitchen. It will be easier to keep tidy. Thanks, Babe!

Biggest kitchen we’ve ever had. And my favorite one.

The Babe and I went out for lunch, picked up the dogs from the groomer, and then picked Addison up from school. Busy afternoon. Dinner was Spinach/Ricotto Ravioli with tomatoes and peppers. Yum. I’m enjoying Hello Fresh. Thanks again whoever sent us the first free meals. Zested lemon peel on most dishes makes a nice finish. So good!

The girls love their new groomer. They are a small business in Gretna, and come recommended by a friend. And, they’re so tired when they come home! Check out Goldie’s snout on the coffee table.

Goldie and Lexie, snoozing after baths @ groomers.

They both smell so good, and of course, the forecast has rain in it. It doesn’t matter. They’ll get dirty, eventually. Life is so good right now. It’s satisfying. We, blessed beyond our wildest dreams, are looking toward our 24th wedding anniversary this year. How wonderful! What a ride it’s been. Not perfect, never perfect. But just right for us.

Thank you for reading today. There will be fresh adventures ahead. My ducks are slowly lining up. We have a great summer planned. Stay tuned. Have a beautiful evening. See you tomorrow.

Sunday, Sunday!

This is a day just for the Babe and me. It’s our 23rd wedding anniversary! He joked for years he should be able to add the years for all his marriages together and have it “count.” I could do that, too, but they were not the happy married years since we were both very young. He had a lot of demons from Vietnam and I didn’t know how to defend myself verbally. I protected my kids, but not myself. I lived on tranquilizers to calm my roiling stomach down. After divorcing, I had no more stomach issues. Or tranquilizers. It was always him, and the uncertainty, coupled with his selfishness.

My first conversation with the Babe was unreal. He admitted his first marriage ended because he drank. His second ended because he quit. She still suffers from addiction problems. I was stunned at the honesty. Just what I was looking for!

It’s been a good mix of love, lessons, compromise, and learning together what’s important in both of our lives; separate identities that meld together nicely. We support each other well. It’s something I needed to become the person I am. He grew into the person he is right along with me. We are separate, yet whole together. I always believed this is how loving another adult person should be. We are lucky to have meshed with each other.

The Bad/Hard things? We are both stubborn. We both want our own way. The good/easier things? We both wonder “Is it really worth arguing over?” We have learned to compromise into a solution that works for us. And we both will yield to each other, despite what the Babe says. He’s a silly man, sometimes. All part of the charm, you know.

Addison had Homecoming over the weekend, and what a smart girl! She wore a dress different than everyone else’s. What class! I think she understands what that is, too. Aunts Sharon and Kathy, along with Grandma Sandy, they all had a lot of class in dressing. All different income levels, and all were classy and appropriate. It means a lot for a young woman to be that way. I’m proud of her.

We are excited we’ll be seeing Grandson Joell over this week. They will be visiting from Wednesday night until Sunday morning, I hear. It’ll be good to see the man he’s grown into. Can’t wait for pictures! Hope it’s a short week.

As we continue to celebrate each other the rest of the day, make sure you enjoy this beautiful day outside, and touch base with someone you enjoy. Celebrate each other, and remember how important they are in your life. I’m making a list of what I need to be thinking about during October. Let’s get busy! Take care, see you tomorrow!

From left, “Where Did The Time Go?”; Kathy & Dan 10-3-1998; “This Day, I Married My Friend”; Grandpa Dan, Addison, Grandma Kathy, last week. What a life we have!

Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Such

Thanks to everyone who took time to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday. I appreciate it so much. The Babe and I went to Gavin’s game in the afternoon. My wish for my birthday was he get a good hit. His fielding is fantastic this year, but the hitting is off. I think it’s because of his growth in the last year. His mind and reflexes haven’t caught up with his body yet. Needless to say, I didn’t tell him what I wished for. Maybe today.

Today is my daughter Rebecca’s and husband Brian’s Wedding Anniversary. We knew they were engaged, but after her graduation with her X-Ray Tech Associates Degree, she and Brian went to Vegas and got married, surprising me with a phone call later. I was a little miffed at the time, would have loved to have attended, but it wasn’t what they wanted. That’s the hard part of being the parent of adult kids. You have to abide by their decisions that affect you. Often we don’t like them, but what can we do? Worry and stress? You could, but you would only ruin your perfectly good days. “Let It Be” is now my motto. It has been for about fifteen years now. It’s kept me sane. And it’s a wonderful song by the Beatles.

I have observed many a meddling parent in my life. It’s not good to have one; it’s not good to BE one. Let it be! Our adult kids have grown and flown, they are no longer “ours” as in responsibile for or enabling. Let them be independent thinkers and just love them. Love them and enjoy them. But don’t second guess them. They have to learn, they have to make mistakes. They have to grow on their own now.

The Babe and I are planting flowers today. I need his help with the heavy bags of potting soil, and we need to move a couple of bushes. Hopefully, they’ll grow where we move them. If not, nature will take it’s course. Yes, this is a very short blog today. The sunshine is calling me, and if it’s beautiful outside where you are, join us in sitting on the deck or patio and enjoy it. Perfect for reading the newspaper or a book (not windy out at all!). Yes, I know it wouldn’t matter with an IPad or Kindle, but I’m still pretty old school with my reading. I’m catching up, though. I found a good charger cord for the Kindle, and it’s finally charging. I’ll save that for later.

Off to beautify the gardens, see you tomorrow! Pictures to follow. Thanks, folks. I appreciate you reading and hope you have a beautiful day. Be Safe. Be Kind. Be YOU!

Sane Saturday

It’s almost a cloudy day today. Too early to tell, you know? The sirens are going off at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska today. First Saturday of the month, the sirens are tested. They sound in case of tornado. In small towns like Gretna, they also sound whenever the Volunteer Fire Department is called to an accident or other type of emergency call. There is no police department here, the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department handles those types of calls.

I admire people who volunteer for service with these agencies. Some of them go on to larger departments where you need to qualify through testing and abilities, some stay put right here in small towns all over America. I’m just glad we have them. We have a good show of help in our neighborhood, across the street is a Volunteer on Gretna’s team, next door are law enforcement people. We have a very safe neighborhood. Great people whom we’re grateful for.

Today is our twenty-second wedding anniversary, the Babe and me. It’s been quite a ride, trust me. Never a dull moment. But it’s been filled with love, commitment, good times, and some not so fun times. It’s been honest, deep, and still holds surprises. We’ve survived most of our kids getting married, the arrival of grandkids, sharing the grief between family losses, friends, and serious illnesses. We’ve both had life threatening illnesses, (thanks to Agent Orange and Cancer), and relied heavily on each other to dig deep and get better. You’re never the same after those things, but you have a lot to lose if you don’t get better. We’ve both helped the other become our best. We’re still working on it, too.

Wedding Day, 10/03/1998, we were a couple of kids – in our 40’s!

Next week, I have some training I signed up for free, it’s regarding all the methods of “social media,” Instagram, TicTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin. I have no idea why some would interest me, but it’s not a bad idea to learn about them. I doubt the Babe and I will be doing TicTok. Just keepin’ it fresh, after 22 years! LOL.

Going to work at completing my scene writing today, we have a car show to attend tomorrow. It’s at our VFW Post 2503 at 90th & Military Road in Omaha, NE if you’re close and are so inclined.

I also have some other online courses which I paid for, which will be helpful to learn in addition to the free classes I mentioned. Most of them are about branding yourself, one suggests you hire someone to do the work unless you are an artist yourself. I’ll have to see about that. Everyone has their own advice about everything, so we can hear the information and choose whether to accept it or not.

We all need to be enjoying this Saturday, although it’s a bit chilly outside. My recliner is calling to me now. I can hear it. That swelling is still there, in my neck, just below the ear and creeping over the jawline. I’m just doing Tylenol and hoping it’s nothing serious. I’ll reassess it Monday, and see how things are.

Until tomorrow, thank you for reading. It’s so cool to see we’re adding followers every day. Thanks for that, too. Be Kind, Be Courteous, Be Safe out there, folks. See you tomorrow, ok?

Tuesday Too!

It was a brief follow-up doctor visit today, nothing huge, and a quick Target run. Is there really such a thing? Hopefully, there will be enough stuff to eat for awhile. We run into a problem when the Babe enjoys eating lunch out, then we don’t need to cook. We’ve been known to have cereal for dinner, there is no need for old people to eat two huge meals a day. So, a few things are disposed of that I wish weren’t. It’s weird for me to be “spur of the moment,” and say, “Sure, let’s meet at Addy’s, or Union, or DJ’s Dugout. Especially if I’ve got a taste for one of the Babe’s most excellent grilled steaks.

I am spoiled since steak is his favorite food on the earth, and the steak I like as well as his is at Longhorns. Their special salad with strawberries is to die for. It is my favorite place to eat out. With the glass and a half or whatever of wine. It always hits the spot. Ahem. Especially for anniversaries, you know?? The Babe and I have one coming up.

VFW Post 2503 will resume their Hamburger Nights tomorrow. They don’t hold a gathering after a holiday anymore. I miss our little table of friends! It’s always too long in between catching up with the lives of friends and the laughter. It’s a great part of our week, and I look forward to it. Do you have a group of friends you see regularly? Isn’t it great? I hope as our lives go further the group of us always meets regardless if our partners are still with us or not. At our ages, it’s not assured we’ll all live for a long time. One man has bad cancer that has returned. One man is a transplant patient. The Babe has had a lot of ischemic heart disease from Agent Orange. The future has no guarantees. Especially for these guys.

I subscribe to several positive thinking type journals, newsletters, and the like. One item today was, “Do it right, or don’t do it.” Wow, does that invoke a memory from grade school. Whatever grade I was in, we were supposed to make some sort of science project or display. I chose to draw a skeleton with all the different kinds of bones outlined with a different color of yarn. That meant, of course, glue was involved. Somehow, I made a mistake and tried to erase it with an ink eraser. The newsprint I was using wore pretty thin. It was a mess, but only a little mess. I finished it, and Mom said to show it to Dad. “Not bad, he said. You had good practice. I know you can do this without the mistake, and you’ll be proud of your effort.” I was crushed. I didn’t want to do it over. But I did.

Thus, Do it right, or don’t do it. I WAS proud of my effort. And I was proud of the grade I received. I kept that silly thing until well after I was married. I think I kept it until I was 35 and bought my own house. The lesson was well learned. Gosh, I miss him. It’s hard to believe after 32 years, I still miss my dad. I suppose everyone misses their parents no matter how long they have been gone. I’m so glad I had someone to miss. Some people don’t have that. I count myself lucky to have this kind of loss in my life.

I hope there is quiet in my hometown tonight. There was a killing of a black man in May, by another person, and at the time, there was insufficient evidence to indict someone with murder or anything else. Based on what they knew at the time, there was not. During a grand jury investigation, more evidence was revealed from the person who killed the black man, that the grand jury indicted him. The Special Prosecutor is on right now, speaking about all the particulars. I applaud him for telling us Don Klein, the County Attorney, was not at fault. Don Klein and his staff are very moral, upstanding people. They are firm but fair. I believe, based on what they knew at the time, there was insufficient evidence. Now they know more, and it came from the accused himself. Let that sink in.

You could tell the Special Prosecutor spoke haltingly, and I believe this was very difficult for him. He was very careful with his words. He was very careful as he implored the various groups to not engage in vandalism or destruction of property. That serves no one. No one at all. Please don’t make the innocent business owners who don’t deserve to be vandalized or burned down. Let’s be sensible. Please, no violence or destruction or property.

I hope all of you have a great evening. We have a nice evening out there, I hope it remains that way. Thank you for reading, I hope to see you again tomorrow, and talk about another thing – I took an online class today about Backstory. I need to learn more about backstory, and what to do with it. I’m on a learning curve with it. It’s ok.

Be safe out there.