June 6, 2023 – D-Day

In 1944, the United States led the Allies and assaulted the Axis troops as they stormed the northern beaches of France. It was a surprise attack, but hard to make the impact Japan did at Pearl Harbor four years three years earlier. Eisenhower led the troops, and they had heavy losses. Many troops lost their lives. At the American cemeteries, there are some 9,386 US troops buried there. There is also a wall of the missing, containing 1,557 names. Most were killed during the landing and ensuing battles at the entry point to the country. 

It’s been 79 years since this event. I remember learning about it in school, our US History class. Are kids taught those things anymore? What a different world we would live in if the Japanese and Germans would have defeated us. I cannot comprehend the vast differences, aside from a total lack of freedom. 

Of course, growing up Catholic, the freedom we were most taught about was the freedom of religion. Our training back then focused on defending your faith to the bitter end, and dying for it if necessary. That is quite a lesson for little kids, beginning at 7 or 8. 

Our Monsignor taught each class once a week. Looking back, he would concentrate on the torture of the martyrs. It was horribly embarrassing when he would talk about the females having their breasts cut off. Why in the world would he need to focus on that part? Never mentioned about what horrors the males could suffer. It was so uncomfortable!

Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” is a very accurate depiction of what the nuns taught us in the 60’s. The torture, the scourging, the actual crucifiction itself, were all emblazoned in each of our young minds. Yes, Christ died for our sins. We weren’t taught about all the horrific sins grown ups committed, aside from murder, stealing. Rape, incest, and any other atrocity one human commits against another weren’t mentioned. I never could figure out how my lie to my mother could cause Jesus to die like that. 

The movie didn’t upset me with it’s violence. It is what we were taught. Did that make us numb to the atrocity? I don’t think so, and many would disagree with me. Some Protestant women I knew at the time the movie was released said they wouldn’t see it, as it was an assault on their senses. 

We’re not worthy. But He died for us anyway. And He loves us far more than He judges us. 

I certainly am not the one to decide who goes to heaven. As a kid, yes, we were taught you had to be Catholic. We lived in a neighborhood where the little old people were Lutheran, or Presbyterian, or even twice-a-year Catholics. They were all nice people. No one can tell me Mrs. Owens or Mrs. Prochaska who were bonus grandmas for us would not go to heaven. They were wonderful ladies. 

It’s amazing what we learn as we grow up and are exposed to bigger worlds than in the shelter of childhood. 

Growing up, we were fairly sequestered in our local neighborhood, not going past about five miles from our home. After I got married young, the trying new things was intoxicating. Until it wasn’t. I needed more security in my life. I needed more say-so in helping to plot my life, not have the husband do it for me as I was led to believe was the thing to do. 

If your world doesn’t expand in your late teens and twenties, it can’t be lived to it’s fullest! Of course, you need to be cautious, but my gosh, make and take opportunities! It’s a great thing to learn. Try it. You’ll like it. And do it now. You have time, regardless of your age. It’s never too late. Get started!

Have a beautiful Wednesday, and see you tomorrow!

Memories of the Best Kind

I had a weird thought today. Probably when my aunt and uncle, Lois and Joe Conrad, were getting ready to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, I had the honor of pressing her wedding dress for display at their reception. I was about 4 or 5 when they got married, and I remember going to the reception for a little while. My dad’s cousin JoAnn and her husband Chuck picked my brother and I up after dinner and took us to Grandma Bobell’s home until the party was over. We fell asleep because we were tired, and were just a couple little kids.

Fast forward to pressing her gown 50 years later. They wanted me to iron in the kitchen, and I went to the sewing room where the ironing board was. I picked it up the iron, and took it to the kitchen. I followed them, and they insisted on moving the ironing board. Rather than closing it, and proceeding, they decided carrying it folded out, each of them carrying one side. It was clumsy, really, and I really smiled to myself they were so cute. He still wanted to be the strong man, taking care of his wife, and making sure she didn’t over exert herself. They were both in their early 70s. It’s the first time I noticed how much they aged.

Fast forward to present day? We are deep in the throes of decluttering and deep cleaning. I have to say, the Babe is the best. Saturday, we were looking through the Christmas decorations we were deciding what to donate and what to keep. He was adamant I not pick up anything heavy because of my back. I also tried to make his work easier. I can only stand up for about 15 minutes, and then my back bothers me. I thought back on Uncle Joe and Aunt Lois. And then I said to myself, “And there we are!” It made me sad, yet I smiled.

I smiled because despite the fact the Babe and I only have been together for 25 years, we’ve a lot to celebrate. Despite the fact we didn’t have any children together, we have a blended family we are proud of. Five kids, five grandkids, four sons/daughters in law, and a lot of love. We’re along for the ride now.

As a person who’s been disabled for over 25 years, I thanked God today so I made sure to be grateful for the man who is now my husband. I’ve wished my dad could have met him; it’s enough Uncle Joe met him. The same day I pressed Aunt Lois’ wedding dress, Uncle Joe told me, “You know, I didn’t like that Frank guy you were married to; he was kind of a cocky guy. But this Dan, I really like him. You did good.”

Not only did Uncle Joe, from Mom’s side of the family approve, Uncle Bob, (Dad’s brother) and Uncle Joe (Dad’s other brother) liked the Babe too. A double vote of confidence. Dad approved.

I am a lucky woman to have the experience of having these good men be concerned for me and my welfare. I have no uncles anymore. I do have one aunt, in California. Dad’s sister Mary Ann is still with us, and just celebrated her 93rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Aunt Mary Ann! We all love you. Stay well.

What do you fondly remember about your aunts and uncles or other family members? I’m so fortunate to have good memories about relatives. More to be blessed about. Have a great day, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Wow! Wow. New Goals 2023.


This is a Wow Sunday. Yes Wow.

The first thing I saw this morning while WORDPRESS was opening were the current stats. I know stats can be boring, but these things struck me as kind of a big deal. Here they are:

I’ve published 1200 blogs as of yesterday!

I have 1032 Followers. 16 from e-mail; 511 from Word Press sign up; and 505 from Social Media likes.

I have written and published a blog 194 days in a row. I want to extend that to 365 consecutive blogs in a row. I need you all to continue reading and recommending. I’m aware not every blog is an out-of-the-park home run. But some days the effort is important. This is the stuff that’s important to me, on that day. And some days work extremely well, some days don’t. Doing the best for each day is all we can do. Some days, it’s 100%, other days it’s 80%

Under All-Time Stats? 39.7K Views, 17.4K Visitors, 517 Best Views Ever. What was it about? My best guess is it was about Billy McGuigan and his brothers performing at a local show. I usually do a review of what we’ve seen, and it’s a dominant topic for Omaha, Nebraska. We love them. When I isolate it, I’ll let you know.

The reason stats are booming is because of all the followers, their friends and family. And for that, I thank you all.

Let’s try for 2000 followers by the end of the year. We can do it.

Grandma Kathy will publish her first book. I will dive back into it in February. We can do it.

The header photo has nothing to do with our WordPress stats. It has everything to do with the lesson in humility I’m experiencing this week. I’m a good quilter. I have over 20 years experience quilting, and over 50 years sewing clothing. What I’ve run into after a year of not sewing or quilting at all is a lot of issues. Issues with a new machine, some learning curve with appliqueing, and general frustration. That was just with Kayla’s quilt!

I thought Cody’s quilt would be easy. It has been, until doing the pieced border. Those are the piles you see in the header. All the blocks were to be sewn the same. 38 of them. I complied. The top boarder was fine. The very bottom will be the same. There will be two inner top borders, two inner side borders. All the pieces going the correct direction. I’ve torn pieces apart, resewn, and torn apart again.

I rearrange them, wonder if I’ve lost my touch, and get a little fretful. Am I too boastful about my skills? No, not really. It is a good thing to talk about what you’re good at entitled. We are not boasting when we’re stating facts. We’re also expressing gratitude for the gifts we’re given.

I’m giving it one more try this afternoon before the next football game comes on. Then I’ll probably pick up the latest Joshua Berkov book; “The Enlightenment of Iris.” More on her later this week. Have a great Sunday. See you tomorrow.