#1,011 – Play Ball!

Well, there’s no joy in Mudville this afternoon. You must be a certain age to know what that statement means. It’s a reference to a very old poem that has been popular for many years. Not sure if kids today even hear about it. Here is a copy of the poem, if you’d like to learn about baseball in 1888. I remember the poem from elementary school (No, I wasn’t there in 1888. Disney made a short film about it, which is what is included above). Our boys really played hard today, and lost. What a shame.

With this being their first year in Select ball, it is pretty amazing they made the final four in the tournament at all. They learned a lot of things that will not only make them better players, but better people as well.

They learned to work as a team, not as nine individuals. This lesson continues through their baseball careers, not just this season. Teamwork is important in sports and business. Everyone has an area they’re better in, working together is the best for the team, together, you’re all more powerful. It’s a lesson many adults forget about from time to time. Everyone must give their all to make an impact; otherwise, you may as well give up.

The kids get intimidated; they’re only nine and ten years old. Once intimidated, they lose their confidence, their power, their collective minds. Coaches all worked well on that when it happens, and the boys rallied. It was too late. The after celebration was watermelon for all, and that was it. The season is over. I’m pretty sad about that. Gavin will play football soon, baseball is my favorite.

It’s a little quiet here on this hot day in the Heartland. I know tomorrow will be a rest up day, perhaps Tuesday will be, too. After early call three days for the tournament, sitting in fold up lawn chairs, and roller coaster scoring/hitting/running/errors, elation and bummers, we’re tired. So blessed to have these kids. We’re blessed beyond anything we could have imagined. Always remember with gratitude. It puts all things into perspective.

Have a wonderful evening. Smile about the day. Be grateful for the good; keep the bad in perspective. See you tomorrow!