Today’s About Me.

Whether we get to spend our birthday, how we wish they leave to the gods. Or THE God. It’s said trials come along to see how you react to them. Such went my birthday. And it wasn’t the worst thing, just disappointing. So we’ll do what actual adults do, and we’ll go to Plan B. We spent the whole day with Mom in the ER. She had symptoms showing they may need to have emergency equipment since the situation could escalate. It didn’t but I’m glad for the precautions. Just another pesky UTI. You cannot be too careful. Birthday cocktail of an Old Fashioned and dinner of pizza. Check.

Plan B? Do it the next day. It was to just be a quick conference with a banker, and on my way to write the blog I missed from my birthday. Guess again. I’d planned to spend three hours catching up on writing while waiting for my appointment to get a haircut.

The conference appointment didn’t register; they had no record of it. I had already spent two fruitless hours at another branch with the same issue. They told me I needed the permission from another person. They took off work to get this process completed. After begging, they saw us, and in an hour, got the job done. OK, now the blogging. Just now got started at 5:30 p.m.

I’m super late for the recap of my birthday. This is at least recognition of yet another timely example of how taking care of our family and friends with cancer can disrupt plans for daily living. There are no holidays, birthdays, and celebrations sometimes. Duty calls.

In a nutshell, tomorrow we’ll share the ideas I had for writing about the trials of the birthday day. And how the whole essay disappeared, despite frequent saving and backups. Hope your Tuesday was good. I’m very overtired from my aggravated asthma. Resting is tops on my to-do list this evening. See you tomorrow.

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