Sunday Kind of Mind

The last of the geraniums are planted and I must say, it was almost too much for me to do.

With the further deterioration of my spine, ability in my hands and wrists, strength in my arms, it was a bit more of a job than I’d like. I have a couple more plants to re-pot from last winter, so things will be ready to grow and show off their beauty. Next year, I must organize it better to reap the satisfaction that is always worth the effort. Work smarter, not harder.

Back in the day, as a single mom, my oldest would go with me near Mother’s Day and we’d get the bags of dirt, the puny tomato plants, and flats of flowers. He’d unload everything, and I’d be happily planting, after work and on weekends, until I ran out of plants or room. One year, we had over 300 different plants. Bulbs, plants, annuals, perennials, everything. It took a lot of time, but was wonderful therapy.

My brother planted Mom’s stuff again this year. We keep trying to get her outside on her patio, but she’s reluctant to go sit outside. Maybe next time. She’s working on healing, and she prefers to do that privately.

Our Addison got her driver’s license this week. What a lot of fun! Her parents will keep an ever-watchful eye on her, and it’ll be a great help next summer when she is working. I cannot believe she’s 16 already. It went too fast!

As shown in the header photo, I received a bunch of new books, based on true events. Eight new ones, so Happy Birthday to me on Monday. My reading is slowing a bit, I want to stay on the pace of at least 3 a month the rest of 2023. Time to put them with all my others to be read. It will be a busy summer of reading. Maybe I’ll start today. Take care, see you tomorrow.

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