A Few Things Friday

Confusion, memory issues, dehydration, and did I dream that, or did it really happen?

This is an example of the behavior issues we might see with cancer treatment.

The first thing we need to ask ourselves and the patient is, “Are you drinking enough water?” They always say yes, but it’s likely they’re not. Older people who suffer urinary incontinence are guilty of not drinking enough water. Their logic is faulty; they’re causing another problem.

Some complain events happen which never do. Someone was coming over. Someone came over. They might call, upset with you for not doing something you didn’t promise to do. It’s upsetting, but pretty normal. Your nurse navigator, again, is your best friend. They are the best guide you have along this part of the recovery. No question is dumb, baffling, far-out, or silly to ask. The nurse navigator is your best go-to with questions of the patient, their symptoms, the recovery, and the life in the future.

At the root of the patient is a human being. A being created with a soul, a heart, a mind, and all the rest. As a caregiver, I can tell you the fatigue just isn’t apparent in the patient. We simply cannot seem to get enough sleep. Your life is different than you thought possible. Your thinking is considerate. You value life more than you did before. You marvel at how filling a human with poison can stop those radical cancer cells from multiplying. That poison takes a toll on the healthy cells, too.

The human body is truly a work of art, a marvel, stronger than we can imagine, and made in the image of God. That’s an extensive list of requirements and criteria.

See you tomorrow.

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