Brother Steve Had a Birthday

on May 16. #65, how can that be?

Happy Birthday, little brother, Steve. You came into my life as I was finishing kindergarten; in 1958. I don’t remember what it was like when Mom was pregnant with you. Those sorts of things were magical. We didn’t know the details. All I knew was at Dad’s announcement, we had a little brother. I didn’t know we could pick which gender we wanted. I learned three years later I couldn’t pick. They made nothing but boys. At least in our family, that was true.

Yesterday, I felt like a stranger in a strange land. Like the new kid in town. Like I was in a vacation town, just off the interstate.

I had some errands to do. The Babe wanted to do the yard, so I set out on my own. I haven’t been by myself in over six weeks. I’d drive to Mom’s, but she’d be with me for the rest of the day. Yesterday, I wasn’t picking up any passengers. I went to the bank in Gretna. The nursery in town, introduced to us by the Leavitt’s seven summers ago, is closing at the end of the summer. The owner is retiring.

I am really going to miss them. They have so many beautiful varieties of geraniums. Ivy geraniums, in hanging baskets, are outstanding. Photos later, after planting. I hoped to go to them for as long as I can plant. I’ll just have to over-winter them from now on. The Babe’s aunt taught me how to do that. I’d never heard of it before. Yet, here we are, doing it year after year. Thanks, Aunt Jo.

As I went from one place to another, two in Gretna, two in West Omaha, I could not believe the amount of building done during the past six weeks. Several homes built, streets poured and set up, many more being prepped. How much things have changed in such a short time!

It goes to show,how much life keeps going on, no matter if we’re paying attention or not. I felt much the same whenever I’ve had major surgery and spent six weeks or longer recuperating. This made me realize for the umteenth time in my life, time really travels at the speed of sound. I still marvel at the growth happening in our small town. Good and bad. A wonderful park/water park/baseball fields/and dam-site is going in close to where we live. Should help with our resale value. The Babe said he’ll be dead before they get the dam filled up with water, so he’s not worried about noise, traffic, and the negative part. I should be gone by then, too.

Have a beautiful Wednesday, friends. We’ll see each other tomorrow.

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