Are You Kidding Me?

Imagine my surprise this morning, when I sat down at the sewing machine, thinking I was going to finish Cody’s quilt. I saw a bunch of quilting stitches that were not good. The backing, rippled where it shouldn’t be, needs to have a smooth surface. Darn! Curses! Foiled again. I refuse to tell you anything else about Cody’s quilt until I am completely finished.

The cortisone injection is working some magic today – until it didn’t. I took several rest breaks today, to elevate and ice. It helped. Have you ever resorted to these, in the knees, shoulders, elbow, ankle, foot, or other body part?

There are many who say these are bad, but I trust the medicine. Especially when I need to get back into action as soon as possible.

The weather yesterday on St. Patrick’s Day was pretty cold but very windy. We had several bursts of snow flurries, mostly sunny, then cloudy. Then more snow bursts, and it was snowing while the sun was out. Whatever that was, it was crazy. Did you see some weather today that was crazy?

We have no plans for the weekend. We watched local Creighton University Men’s Basketball game this afternoon. They played North Carolina and won a close game. They will play tomorrow and we’ll watch again. I’ve never watched basketball too much, but since they’re local, it’s ok. Baseball is my favorite, and it will be the surest sign of spring ever. I can’t wait to watch grandson Gavin again. It’s one of our favorite parts of summer.

Our grandson Joell, in Maryland, is a competition swimmer and mountain biker. All he needs is the running part, and he’ll be a triathlon participant! That could be pretty cool.

The next day we await is the first day of spring. It’s March 20 this year. It appears it is earlier every year. I was not aware of that. It is worth reading why that is. In the meantime, hope your day after St. Paddy’s Day is good. Sober as a judge, in fact. I know I will be!

2 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me?

  1. I remember think on my drive home (Friday) snow blowin,’❄️ wind howlin’ 🌬️car rockin’💨~ sun shinin’☀️ “what tha…”
    One of these things is NOT LIKE THE OTHERS!! 🤔

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