Nothing Scheduled Today?

How on earth did that happen?

Truth be told, the laundry multiplied, the dust is in no danger of settling soon, and the Babe vacuumed yesterday. He always surprises me with help around the house. He did a great dinner of chicken, celery, onions, and the Liz Raabe specialty, creamed soups. The Babe talks about family dinners. Many of them are probably not good for a 72-year-old male, with ischemic heart disease (like Spam in Cheddar Cheese Soup), but they’re good for testing his memory.

Today is catch up day. No, I haven’t finished the quilt. Had a cortisone shot in my knee yesterday. Didn’t have the need for 2 1/2 years! The Doc and PA both congratulated me on the low maintenance. The Keto Diet is due the credit on that. All the more reason to start it up again. First, the quilt. Income Taxes for 2022. And unboxing all our books from moving to our home here at Raabe Ranch. Still settling in? It happens.

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? We don’t. We would go to the VFW for Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner, but we not going this year. We’re going to stay home and enjoy some time together. It’s been another very busy week. I look forward to some downtime and some creative time as well. Celebrating? Staying In? You know what’s said: those of us who are Irish every day don’t need to pretend one day a year.

Ever check out the stories on Dateline? There is one on now, and a woman named Mary Turner Thompson wrote two different books about all the scheming. He pretended to be a British CIA operative, lie upon lie upon lie. It got deeper and deeper. He had marriages with many women, all single moms, in several countries. A fraud, and father of many children abroad.

You could not make this up. I may see if a library has the books, just to read them. I need to become more picky about ordering books for fun. At the current rate, I’ll end up out of storage and too many things to read in a lifetime.

Have a great day and evening. Let’s see each other tomorrow. Life is good. Live a good story. Start Today.

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