Loneliness v. Solitude

These two are somewhat the same, yet vastly different. How?

We’ve talked about loneliness before. It’s gut wrenching, and I’ve experienced it many times. It was the worst when my kids were gone to their Dad’s. I couldn’t stay home alone with the dog. I had to go somewhere. Movie alone, anything as long as I wasn’t alone. After a couple years, I learned to enjoy the quiet. It was great. I missed the kids, but knew they’d be home soon enough. That is solitude. Being ok with being alone. Happy with your own company. Comfortable with you. That is a huge accomplishment.

Can you have solitude with two people in a home? Why not? The other morning, the Babe told me when he got up early with the dogs; he made coffee and didn’t even turn on the television like usual. I’m happy for him. He wasn’t like that 27 years ago when we met. He never took a vacation day and stayed home. Long weekends? He’d go to Sioux Falls to visit family. Now? Our deck and patio feel like vacation every time we hit the chairs. Ahhhh. Cannot wait for the weather to break so we can do it again.

It’s amazing what you learn to do when you mature and age. Life is full of lessons along the way. When we think we know it all is when we know the least. As we admit we’re wrong often, we are free to absorb life and its lessons. As we learn, we grow.

I love the learning I’ve done since diving into this author part of my life. So much knowledge, so much more to learn. I love that the stories I tell are my own. While many memories may not have exact historical information in them, I believe that is not the point. The point is the memories and how you tell the stories of them. Some authors choose historical novels. Some historical fiction. I like historical fiction. Jennifer Chiaverini writes wonderful historical fiction. She began with the Civil war era, concentrating on the Lincoln administration and family. One I particularly enjoyed was “Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker.” I have others to read about World War Two and the resistance women.

Lots of quilting today. Might finish that tomorrow. Hoping so. Hope you had a productive weekend. I believe we did. Anyone else have ideas on what I might blog about? I’m collecting quite a few ideas. I appreciate and welcome your ideas. Take care, and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Be safe out there.

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