Friday Finale

These are the things going on in our world:

The Snowmageddon predicted on Wednesday kind of shifted and morphed into more rain than anything. We had more “lingering” snow overnight than we had during the predicted storm. It’s been nice to look out and see it, and not have to leave the house in the cold Thursday.

Today’s blurb from The Artist’s Way has spurred a lot of memories. “Describe your childhood room.”

Oh wow! My childhood room was my haven from the world. Luckily, I was an only girl with three brothers. Our older brother had his own room, the two younger ones shared a room. I spent hours and hours in my room. It was always homework after school and often into the evening. Hours of homework every night.

Dad made me a desk from the vanity that matched my dresser. He did such a great job on not damaging it. When I had it refinished to discover a beautiful bird’s eye maple wood under the years of darkened varnish and layers of antiquing. Jackpot! It’s beautiful. I suppose someday should I need assisted living that dresser and vanity will go with me. From the cradle to the grave, right?

My room was painted blue and the woodwork was painted bright white. I had three windows. As a young girl, I remember the thunderstorms we had at night. The thunder exploded after the lightening cracked and made me jump out of my skin. I buried my face under the pillows many nights. There was an old tree in the back yard. I was sure it would come crashing down, into my room, killing me during the night. Never happened. But I was petrified, nonetheless.

The room had a big walk-in closet. I didn’t have a lot of clothes, mostly church clothes and the uniform I wore to school. I kept my winter coat in the closet too. As my life went on, and I returned home while my first husband was in the service, I lived there and had my son Frankie. The room was big enough for my twin bed, dresser, vanity, baby bed, and baby chest of drawers, and my black & white tv. I moved back home less than a year after getting married. My husband was drafted five months after we married. I found out I was pregnant two months after. I moved home in May of 1971. Frankie was born in October of 1971.

All of my life was in that bedroom. I have great memories after getting married and moving back home. I came back to the family I left and brought a baby home a few months later. He was such a good baby. His dad served in Germany and didn’t return until he was 15 months old. I got an apartment just before Frankie turned one. I was happy to be able to live alone and wait until my husband returned home.

Mom still lives in the home I grew up in. I’m lucky to be able to visit my childhood room. It kept me sane, gave me the privacy to dream, draw, and write plays a friend and I acted out. Such innocence. I also listened to music that got me through hard times. Brian Wilson’s brilliant song, “In My Room,” was my anthem as a teenager and pre-teen. I was safe, I could put my problems aside. The bullies couldn’t get me there.

All of these memories have been on my mind since Julia Cameron placed them there. My favorite thing in my room? As Julia Cameron asked, I’ll answer. I still have the small shelf Dad built me one year. I had all these dust-catching knick-knacks. The shelf is in the bathroom of our family room downstairs, with knick-knacks from tropical places on it now. I still remember the Christmas I opened it. What a good childhood memory.

Have a wonderful Friday. And stay safe, warm, and be good to yourself this weekend. See you tomorrow.

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