Nice and Easy Does It, Every Time

If truth be told, it’s often strangers who throw real, honest support behind us, believing in us, and giving our creations notice, honest feedback, and sharing with others. This is what we need and what we fear, sometimes. It can make us uneasy with how we’re viewed, even by a friend. It’s new and we need to get used to it.

Still with Julia Cameron while we’re recovering a sense of power in our creative journey. As things start to gel, percolate, and become more possible than impossible, we may hear some criticism. Yes, of us. Of our work. From strangers and people known to us.

When I was a kid I liked to draw people and clothing. I’ll tell you nearly every time I’d show my artwork, I’d hear, “It’s nice, but you sure can’t draw faces.” I probably would still hear that if I told someone I was taking drawing up again. So I’m just going to keep that info among us. How about that? Works for me.

Sometimes we get going on a path of growth and change only to have it stall, drag it’s feet, and quash our creativity for a few days to a few weeks. What did we do wrong? Not a darned thing. Really? Yes. It’s the nature of the beast. Great! Now you tell me! I thought it’d be all systems “GO!” No, doesn’t work that way.

We are more normal than we think or want to be. The one thing we can do is keep doing our normal routine. In a marathon, the experienced runner will tell you to run ten slower miles for every fast one. That is the reality of many things. Creating is one of them. In fact, there is a very old Frank Sinatra song called, “Nice and Easy Does It; Every Time.” My dad was a great Sinatra fan; I can recite many of the lyrics of a lot of old songs from the old days. Dual purpose? It reminds me of Dad.

So, when you get in a rush to keep up a breakneck speed at creating; Remember. “Nice and Easy Does It Every Time.” Remember, Easy Accomplishes It. Julia Cameron tells us. While we’re waiting for more energy and ideas, don’t forget one of the most important things we need to do every day: Be kind to ourselves. Do something special for yourself every day. It might be sit and read a favorite book for an hour; take a bubble bath; whatever you want. Don’t skip it; if you don’t believe you’re worth it, no one else will.

Quiet time, solitude, is good for us. How long has it been since we checked with ourselves to see how we are? We need to be honest with ourselves. If you’re doing something hard, reward yourself afterwards. The one thing we don’t want to do is reward ourselves with food. I love desserts of many kinds. That makes a bad reward, it will hurt me in the long run. A much better reward is a book I really want to buy and keep. It may help open up more creativity in me, too.

Whatever you do, always be kind to yourself. Forgetting that will sabotage yourself. You need to be your own best friend. Nice and easy. Be nice and easy on yourself. Every time. See you tomorrow.

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