Weekend Day #1-Saturday

What are you doing on the weekend? Watching NFL playoffs? That’s where we’ll find the Babe. and he deserves every minute. We’ve done a lot this week. Doing a big deep-cleaning and rearranging of the house. Concentrating on the Babe’s Office and my Studio/Office. The Babe doesn’t need his office anymore; he offered it to me for my writing. It’s near impossible to do quilting and writing in a small office. Too many reference materials, instructions, etc.

I’m delighted to separate the two activities into their own private spaces. I’m feeling more creative every day. I asked a friend who writes and paints, how does she divide her time between the two distinct activities? Her response? She goes with whatever is speaking to her. I’d find that a great way to decide how to spend my time. I suppose I’m trying to make it more concrete.

It may not be concrete at all; creativity is abstract, isn’t it? At least I think it is. What do you think? Does anyone out there have more than one creative endeavor? I love to sew, quilt, and now, writing is up there, too. I want to add painting and drawing. Initially, I believe I need to have a schedule for the lessons I have for painting. The videos are available to me until 2024.

I put all the dog squares together today for Cody’s quilt. Yesterday was his third birthday. What a fun day it is when your child has a birthday!

The Babe assembled all our new book cases. I cannot tell you how happy I felt to have a proper place for my books. They look wonderful, finally in their home. Such a simple thing, yet so meaningful. I have many books about quilting, too. It will be nice to see those books too, in their new home. Not to mention our wedding photos. Haven’t seen them since about seven years ago, when I packed them to move.

Tomorrow will also be a day to pack up the Christmas tree for storage. In our downsizing, we’ve found someone to take two separate Christmas trees we had. That frees up a lot of space. So will the boxes of books. We look forward to becoming very tidy, organized, and less stuff around.

In “The Artist’s Way,” Julia Cameron tells us we must do two things: Morning pages every day, and an Artist’s Date once a week. For this week, my Artist Date is to watch the videos that introduce supplies to us and determine how many of them I have. I started getting supplies before I began the lessons, then didn’t follow through. Not this time. I will take these lessons this year.

Think of me enjoying the surprises in my stock of art supplies this morning. Maybe I won’t have to purchase many supplies after all. Cross your fingers! It’ll be fun. We both feel as if we may catch something; mile earache, sore throat, tired. Hoping it’s just a fleeting viral thing. We’ve both had RSV this winter, so we hope we don’t get sick again. Enjoy your Saturday, and be good to yourself. You deserve it. See you tomorrow.

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