Endings are sometimes sad,

Sometimes glad,

Sometimes unsure as to what they are.

When you’ve been somewhere for awhile, 

And know a lot of friends, 

It’s hard to think of not seeing them again.

After you need to be gone,

Gone for your mental health,

Gone because they just don’t listen,

Gone because they just don’t get it.

You can’t fix this anymore.

They need to fall.

And fail.

And then someone else will come along.

And pick up where you left it.

And give their hearts.

Until someone disrespects them.

And the Dance Begins Again..

4 thoughts on “Endings

  1. I completely understand how one needs to move on after disrespect. But don’t let go of those who were loyal. They are, and will always be, more valuable than most new friends you must make.

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