Where Did Fall Go?

Nearly all the leaves are gone from the trees in the wetlands behind our home. It’s just crazy. The weather is very fall-like all week, and would be wonderful to go check out the leaves, but I’m afraid they’d be close to all fallen. Next time. We’re going to finish up the outside yard work this weekend. I still need to re-pot some plants I brought in from outside. Just not enough hours in a day, you know? Someday there will be.

I remember when my Grandma talked about how slowly time passed in her later years. I haven’t reached that yet, and hope to, but not for a long, long time. I think she was in her early 80s then. She had her tv on constantly, every day. She’d watch game shows, CSPAN, movies, old tv shows, soap operas. All while dangling a cigarette from her lips, and letting the ash get at least 1/2 inch long. Sometimes longer. She might be playing her organ, puffing away, and Mom would take an ash tray and hold it under her cigarette until the ash fell. Grandma just kept playing the music. She was quite good at it. Played piano, all the daughters took piano, and so did I. I was the only granddaughter (I think) who learned piano. 

My son Nick learned piano. He loved playing, and was very good at it. I’m sure he could still play now. We’d both need some practice. He wasn’t much for sports, but Frankie was. Becky took ballet for a year, and was pretty good, too. She could have gone to Omaha School of Ballet, but I knew I couldn’t afford the $90 a month it cost in 1984. Who knows what she could have learned? 

Have you taken music lessons? Dance lessons? Played on a sports team? I think all kids should get the chance to play something, participate in classes or lessons to learn teamwork. Do kids still play baseball, football, or basketball at a city park and just have pickup teams? Probably showing age here, they probably don’t. Watch the movie, “The Sandlot.” It will show you kids playing a pickup game of baseball. I love that movie. 

This morning, I have to make a huge dent in the quilt project. This is for Day 3 of NaNoWriMo, and so far, so good. I scheduled Tuesday’s blog on Monday night. That’s so handy, I nearly forgot about it! It should come in handy this month.

The Babe and I had two Green Chef meals yesterday. One was a Chicken Soup, and the other a Ground Turkey/Cauliflower bowl. Lots of veggies, spices, etc. Finally figured out what was rather odifierous in the refrigerator. I had a few things that didn’t smell bad, but looked a little “iffy.” The smell continued. It was the raw cauliflower for today’s meal. It was sealed in plastic. After about 5 days in the refrigerator, the gases started to build up, and you could smell it through the plastic, the brown paper bag, and all over the fridge.

I’m just starting all over tomorrow. First, I’ll clean the refrigerator surface all over. Then put baking soda in an open bowl to freshen it up. Sheesh! Remind me to freeze any and all cauliflower that enters this house in the future. No more stinky fridge! 

I’m really bummed now. Although this is published Thursday, it’s Tuesday night. At the bottom of the sixth inning, Houston is getting skunked so far. 7 – 0, Philly is ahead. It’s still early for baseball. Yes, some folks hate it, say it’s too slow. I still think it’s the great American game. 

I don’t understand Soccer, don’t care for Basketball. Football is ok, I just think the season is soooo loooonnnngggg. August until February is too much. Nascar, I like, I just don’t have a favorite driver anymore since Tony Stewart, Junior, and others have retired. After awhile, the money isn’t worth it if your health and well-being are at stake. 

With concussion protocol the hot topic in NFL, I cannot fathom how boxing and MMA can continue. There have to be many, many concussions in those sports every round. How can they continue? I never thought two men (or women, now) who continued to beat each other about the head and body was not entertaining. I know it’s big money (boxing), but no, I’d rather not witness it. 

As you continue your day, take time to think how you enjoy your people. Friends, family, other loved ones. Be grateful. And we’ll see each other tomorrow.

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