Monday, Momentarily

The night was pretty wild. The windows were open as it was warm, and the wind was blowing like crazy. The more the wind blew, the more I coughed. That led to little sleep. Hard to believe, but if I faced the window, even though I was five feet away from it, my hair blew around and got messed up. Seriously. I wouldn’t joke.

So, I thought I’d be cured this morning, but not so lucky. I can’t even tell you what I did today, either. It wasn’t write. Except for now. I am nearly finished with “More Busting Bad Guys,” though. It’s interesting recalling some of the awful crimes in Omaha’s past. And people seem to always thing they’re smarter than the law. Guess again!

I didn’t watch “Price is Right,” today, but watched old reruns of “Chicago PD,” which I really like. No real nap today, so maybe I’ll sleep a long time tonight. I’ll maybe go for some ice cream later, too. It’s a required food when you’re sick. Even with congestion. It’s a law somewhere, or it should be. Ice cream makes everything better. Even viral infections.

*Actually, I’m sure the medical folks will tell you no, clear juices and frozen pops are better, but I’m talking emotional feeling better. LOL.

I did email the doctor, they said with no fever, it’s probably viral, so just drink plenty of fluids, blah, blah, blah. At least I didn’t have to pay for a visit. Hoping tomorrow will see the end of this stuff, whatever it is.

What do you remember when you were home sick from school as a kid? I don’t recall staying home sick after my two younger brothers were born. I think I got sick with all the kid stuff of the 50s and 60s before third grade. We had sinus infections, but the folks called them “colds” and we’d still go to school and Dad would work. We did not use tissues, but handkerchiefs. We all had a stack of them, one for every day. Mom washed them; I had to iron them all. Yes, iron them. All.

It was good teaching about ironing small things, before she let me do my blouses, etc. The boys didn’t have to iron, but I think they learned eventually.

Mom’s hard and fast rule was if you were home sick, you were Home; Sick. In bed. In your pajamas. No TV. I remember being very lonely. I was the kind of kid who wanted someone with them. Mom wasn’t too in favor of that when there was nothing wrong. Usually she sent Dad in to talk to me. He’d play checkers with me. In fact, he taught me to play. I loved playing checkers with him. I made sure to teach Addison. We still do that sometimes, it’s fun.

I remember taking the note back to school from Mom telling the teacher I was well. I guess it wasn’t necessary, but it was a rule. I always wondered who’s Mom would not know they went back to school? Very few Mom’s worked back then. I had no idea.

In high school, I had perfect attendance, until senior year. Our mom was in the hospital, and my older brother was supposed to take me to school after I got my little brothers off to school. My older brother became ill, went to the hospital, and I had no way to get to school. Go figure. I hated that I got that far, and missed out on a major award, as they say.

All that is in the distant past now. All that matters is we take each day as it comes and make the most of it. My ex-husband’s family has lost another extended member; Dean Hascall, former husband of Jeannie Tomasek Hascall, has passed away. He will be missed by his wife, and children. Life is indeed very short. Hug your loved ones every day you can. You never know.

Have a beautiful evening. I’m finishing reading my book and hoping for a full, good night of sleep. No wind. No issues. No anything. See you tomorrow.

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