Is the Grass Really Greener?

If you really want to sabotage any progress you make in life, just sit and look at the life, possessions, relationships, jobs, and friends of anyone else. Maybe your neighbor. His wife has perfect hair, body, job, and his children are perfect. Or are they?

If we are discontent with where we are in life, we tend to value it less. Especially if we are working towards changing where we are now. On a bad day from our perspective, we think we’ll never make it, that Mike the neighbor has it better, we become jealous, envious, and may give up on ourselves. We’ve lost 10 of 50 pounds, started a community college class for improving our career, and are repairing our home.

When we are upset, we tend to not give ourselves enough credit. For anything. We may have a lot to do, but just the fact we’ve started makes all the difference in the world. We cannot do it all at once. I struggle with this at times. The older I become, the less I accomplish in the time frame I expect. I don’t quit, I just gently remind myself it takes me longer. Sometimes, I need to look at all I’ve accomplished since my life began again at 30 when I got divorced.

That’s when my adulthood really started. I was a grownup, paying bills, raising kids, owning a home, etc. Then I learned about me, about what I wanted, who I was, and how to get there. God was very good to me, and led me to opportunities. He blesses me still, and taught me how to pay attention to His prompts and messages. It has helped my journey immensely.

By wishing and hoping for someone else’s life or success is a great way to destroy our dreams, any work we’ve put in so far, and lose out on progress for our lives and dreams. We have to accept who and where we are on our road to our future. Those others are not as comfortable or successful as you may think. Everyone has troubles. Everyone has things to deal with. Everyone can improve. You’re already ahead by working on a new way of life. Look at you go!

Tomorrow, when a brand new week starts, focus on what you have instead of what you haven’t. When you get where you’re going, you won’t want their stuff. You’ll know your grass is greener. It already is!

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