Super Saturday!

The Huskers won their second game last night! Two weeks in a row, that really is a boost to the players and coaches. They CAN do it! Mickey Joseph, you are the man! I love how you interact with the players. It has to be encouraging to them, and the other coaches. You are a humble man, one who appears to hunker down and get to business. No flowery speeches, no false hopes. It is what it is; it is not what it has been.

We, the fans, need YOU, need YOUR method, YOUR enthusiasm, and YOUR leadership right now. I hope you are allowed to interview for the head coaching job. In my opinion, you may be the missing element. If you don’t want to, that’s ok. But I believe you should be allowed the choice before anyone else.

The Babe and I are going to look for a new comfy chair for me, and maybe for him, too. It will be interesting to see what is available with the shipments still at a standstill at the ports. With one of our daughters and son in laws in the railroad shipping business. It’s frightening and interesting all at the same time.

Our hometown Nebraska Furniture Mart has a great story of a Jewish female businesswoman. The way the world was then, women couldn’t own property, they couldn’t have a bank account solely in their name, and they certainly weren’t listened to when running a family business. I wonder what she would think of most of their products coming from China, not American made. It’s not furniture that wears well, that’s why I’m looking for a new chair, it wore poorly during the last seven years. Maybe that’s the life-span of a chair that’s used a lot.

Is anyone in the furniture business? I’d be curious how it’s determined. Mom has a lot of the furniture from over 50 years ago, but only the wooden dining room table and chairs, her bedroom set, and a couple twin beds that were my father’s and uncles! That’s nearly 100 years old! Dad would be 98 right now, 99 January 1, 2023. As you can see, I have no frame of reference for longevity of modern furniture.

How do you use your imagination? I use mine for creating. As one of my writing sweatshirts says: “I Make Stuff Up,” above an old fashioned manual typewriter. I love to make stuff up, and to create things from cloth, yarn, and other raw materials. I suppose that’s making stuff “up,” too!

Did you know, when the typewriter was invented, there were only male secretaries. I don’t recall where I read about it, but typing was considered too complicated for the female population to learn with their “delicate” minds. It was thought the keys were too complicated for women to master. Yes, that is the thought. How far we’ve come, yet will we remain here? I hope so.

If you use your imagination to build “worst possible” scenarios? Fear makes worst possible burn the whole darned house down. Yes, it doesn’t hurt to anticipate possible problems, but when you build problems that never come true, you are living in Neverland much more than reality. Many Mothers worry far beyond what is even possible, and think worry, loss of sleep over their loved ones problems is a badge of love. It isn’t. It’s part of being codependent. Borrowing trouble from tomorrow wastes today. Don’t waste today. It’s too precious.

It turns out, we couldn’t find anything we liked at Nebraska Furniture Mart. We had a lovely day, stopped to have lunch, and spent the time just enjoying each other’s company. It was fun. These are the days we cherish. I hope you have many of those as well. Have a lovely evening, and see you tomorrow!

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