Free Monday!

Yes, it’s my first free Monday after helping host/cook for an event yesterday. I spent time with my quilt blocks again today, and then the Babe and I picked up Addison from school, then we took Gavin with us to eat a bite. Tracy joined us on her way home, so it was a nice little family visit. Nice having no schedule, you know?

The quilt blocks are coming along nicely, thank you for asking! It won’t be too long until I can sew the rows together, then do the last step for the top – set the blocks. I predict I’ll be there before the end of the week. It’d be great to start quilting it Saturday.

I had to take a break from “Wired for Story.” It’s pretty dry even though I’m learning something. I decided I needed a story/short book to make me laugh. “Nobody Will Tell You This But Me,” by Bess Kalb. Bess is a writer on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! It’s a memoir, based on her grandmother’s life lessons, left via voice mail (many of them), and it’s hilarious. It’s also heartwarming, thought-provoking, and touching. You hear stories of women raised by women who encourage them to become doctors (way before the women’s movement), and women who were taught to be independent thinkers. The fact that they’re all Jewish may have something to do it, or it may not. It’s a different way to tell a story, which is pleasant and funny at the same time.

I love the relationship portrayed between Grandmother and Granddaughter. The Grandmother told her granddaughter many words of wisdom, some outdated and funny. The more outdated, the funnier. I hope Addison and I can someday have these kinds of conversations. I’m sure I’ll sound as outdated with my wisdom as Ms. Kalb’s Grandmother. Addison will know I mean it in the same loving manner Ms. Kalb’s Grandmother did.

You see, this book is keeping me reading. 85 pages in two days. I’m interested in the telling of the story, and what the story will show. What happens next? I want to continue reading to see. Maybe even finish it tomorrow. It could easily happen. The Babe will do yard work tomorrow. I have lots of weeds to pull, too. Lots of them.

What do you plan for this week? I’d like to make it to 1,000 followers. We’re only about 24 away. Help a girl out? That’d be a great way to end the week and the month of September. Have a good evening, and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Be safe.

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