It’s Over; and Just Beginning

Today was my friend’s funeral, burial, and funeral luncheon. Ethnic groups, such as the Polish, German, Italian, Irish, and whoever else, always had a huge, hearty lunch. South Omaha tradition dictates and ensures you will not go away hungry. We didn’t. The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Hall did not disappoint; nor did Mama’s Pizza, who catered delicious Pasta.

Since my friend’s husband called Saturday to inform me his wife passed away, life has been so different. We had lived a thousand lives since then; we have had a million memories since then; and today, reality hit. We will never see our wife/mom/aunt/cousin/niece/friend again. Not until whatever you believe eternity will be.

The Babe and I have had many discussions about what we as individuals want when we pass. We’ve agreed on some things, other things will have further discussion. We need to write these things all down. Our time will come. Children don’t want to guess what we want. We need to tell them.

Many things open opened our eyes with this loss. We’re probably not too far behind. Or maybe one of us? No, we never know for sure. But from now on, we need to be ready, just in case.

Make those lists for our families; talk with people who will plan our funerals; maybe even pre-plan them ourselves; then the kids won’t need to do anything. That will be great for them.

And now, my friend’s family has to get used to life without her. Her husband and kids can no longer call her for advice, to just say hello, or tell her they love her. I experienced that with my dad back in 1988. Mom ise still living, and she’ll be 93 in a matter of days. As her executor, I’ll have a lot to do. It will be the time my brothers and I become orphans. I’ve read about those feelings, and expect we will feel the same.

Tonight? I’m grateful to have had Janet Nichols as my supporter, cheerleader, and friend for the past 43 years. We all were. We need to figure out how to carry on, and we will. Even though we may not like it. Such is life. I pray to make the most of mine, however much time I have left. It’s all we can hope for. Make an impression as a positive while you’re here.

It’s late, and we’ve had another long day. Please be good to each other; have a beautiful rest of the night and make it a good rest of the week. Be kind to people; take care of each other. None of us know when we’ll be called home; try to live each day as if it’s your last. Bless all of you, and know how I appreciate your support. We’re getting a lot of followers, and I’m delighted about that. See you tomorrow!

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