Tuesday. What a Treat!

When we were kids, Mom would say we could have a treat if we were good. It usually meant a special snack, or if it was horribly hot, a tall glass of iced tea (in a real glass), with a long iced tea spoon to mix in the sugar. It’s the only time we didn’t have milk with a meal. Special!

My friend Lora and I went to the Van Gogh exhibit that is traveling the country. It is magnificent!

Your ticket is for entry during a certain hour of the day. Ours was first, and it was perfect. Informational panels were posted to give a background of Vincent Van Gogh and his life. I got a lot of inspiration from the quotes posted. Now, I want to go to the library to check out books about Van Gogh’s life. It’s something incredible in the world to learn.

The 37 minute visual show was worth the price of admission. What a genius with technology put all of this together! And paired with the music, it was even better. All kinds of music, including the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun,” made the images dance about the room. It was such a great experience.

My day started with more pain than I’ve had in awhile. The first thing I see on my phone was an article about the world ending. The clues, the author says, are in the hot temps throughout the world, especially in England right now. They claim France won’t have any mustard because of a shortage of mustard seeds. And this is how they know the world is ending.

In other news, mass shootings, this time at a mall happened; and of course, COVID is making a comeback. Hospitals are filling up, so be aware.

Bad news, doom and gloom, and a lot of pain made me want to go back to bed and stay there. It could have easily been that kind of day. The tickets to Van Gogh were expensive, and I didn’t want to waste my money, so I continued getting ready. A hot shower always does wonders. My spirits were good, despite things that bombarded me within the first 30 minutes of waking.

We have to work hard, in this day and age, to keep our attitudes positive. It can be hard. It seems sometimes the world, the media, many things around of us are trying to bring us down. I’m a realist. I don’t believe the world is ending. I think there are far too many good people on earth and beautiful things in nature that God wants us to continue to enjoy. I cannot believe this could be the end.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue on with my work, plans, and dreams. It won’t be happening this evening, I can guarantee you. I’m still very sore, just plain tired, and happy. Happy to be able to attend events like I saw this morning. What beauty. We’ll see each other again tomorrow. Be safe, and have a beautiful evening. Now I REALLY want to learn how to draw and paint! If my spirits are lagging, I’ll review the photos of the beauty I experienced today.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday. What a Treat!

  1. Thanks for letting me come along. A truly fantastic experience! You have an incredible camera on your phone. How you could capture those backlit pieces of art is beyond me. You have wonderful pictures of that hour. Bless you! Lora

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