A New Monday!

The coffee is gone, the music is going, the brain is in gear, what’s up for today?

I am considering something I have come to agree with. With wrestling many tasks these last few months, I’ve decided to uncomplicate my life. Yes, there is a lot to do. Fortunately, humans can only do one thing at a time.

“Meditation is a mental discipline that enables us to do one thing at a time.”

Max Picard, a Swiss writer and philosopher, made that statement. How wise it is. It’s why we tell kids to focus. Many people are scattered about these days, with no real schedule or plan. Mom’s claim they’re multitasking. Multitasking is a fallacy; while the human can perform two tasks at once (driving and texting, although it’s illegal and just plain not good), something will not be done correctly. We see drivers all the time, with their phone perched in the middle of their steering wheel, weaving through the streets and interstates. Not a good thing to do. Dangerous, and you’ll be sorry eventually.

My daily meditation mentions we should not pile more on a full plate. When we consistently have too many things to do and think about, we become worn out, crabby, and not pleasant to be around. I’ve stopped doing a to do list; I was getting overwhelmed. Now, I do an accomplishment list. Then I feel more successful about how I spent the day. Oh, the to do list is in my mind, but right now, I’m needing to feel more successful about getting some things done.

I know I’ll develop more mental discipline by one thing at a time and also have more things accomplished. I’ll do more because I’ll get more done. I’m struggling with things now, and I need to be patient until I correct all these bad habits; the biggest of which is thinking I’ll get way more done if I multitask. Not going to happen.

Using my energy wisely will be the mantra, the way by which I need to live. Not sure how I strayed from this common sense approach. Sometimes, we are too influenced by society. While sayings like, “I Mom So Hard,” are kind of catchy, we’re doing far less work than women who stayed home all day with no conveniences to use. I can say that because I’ve done both; stay at home Mom and working Mom.

Yes the world was different. We just didn’t have the money for every sport imaginable or every lesson on earth. There was much more family time and eating at home. I get it. I see our kids who have kids arranging schedules to shuttle them back and forth. They have varied interests and have found a way to shine, each of the oldest three. Dance, Swimming and Mountain Biking, and Baseball/Football/Basketball. The little ones in Colorado are just starting swim lessons at age four; not sure what they’ll be involved in. I’m sure their life will be very busy, too.

It’s time to go finish some tasks. Folding laundry. Putting my quilt pieces together in a nice basket so they’ll be safe. Get that ironing board put up in the office/studio. One thing at a time. One day at a time. And remember I’m only one person. And I have all week to finish all these things. Take time every day for me, and look forward to living in this moment.

The header photo is from a Facebook group called Nebraska Through the Lens. The participants post beautiful photos they’ve shot in Nebraska. This particular one is of a sunset. I love the colors; I feel every day looks like this. It’s up to us to carry the beauty of it through our days, making them all good ones. Be careful out there today in the heat. See you tomorrow!

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