Monday (Missing) & Tuesday.

Somewhere, in the big, black hole of cyberspace is my partially written blog from yesterday. I have no clue where it went. (Note to self: Press SAVE more often!). I told you about the wonderful time I had at breakfast with my oldest son, Frankie. He is a good guy. Picked up the check, which is such a cool thing to experience with your adult child. Roles do indeed reverse! So grateful to experience this especially with #1 son.

It’s no big deal to have lost yesterday’s blog, it’s happened before, and I’m sure it’ll happen again. It’s the nature of the beast. What I’ll miss is WordPress congratulates you with each successive day you publish – I was back up to over 40. Now, it’s starting all over again. The problem was likely in the operator’s chair, trust me. You have to laugh at yourself sometimes. Believe me, I give myself lots of opportunities.

So yesterday, I thought it was Christmas. Big box on the porch wasn’t from Hello Fresh but from Annie’s Attic, a craft entity. I purchased a few afghan kits to crochet. The prices were unbelievable, so it it takes time to get them started, it’s ok. With the longevity for females in my family, I should have time. I love so many creative hobbies, I’m looking forward to having more time on my hands. The header photos show the four patterns I received. Aren’t they luscious?

I’ve mentioned before, to make more time in my life, I’m resigning from my volunteer duties at the VFW. I do with a sad heart, because I couldn’t buy all the friendships we’ve made in our years there. We’ve reached the ages where we need to step aside and let some younger people take over our duties. I’m hoping July 2022 is my last month, and there are a couple of events the Babe and I will still lead. And then, there will be time for my love of creating. The novel will be finished sooner rather than later.

An author really needs time to write consistently. Right now, the only things written daily is the blog – unless the cyber gods mess with it – and I need to convert those hours into words on the pages, quilts, afghans, learning to paint, watercolor, and draw. Plenty of time for these creative endeavors soon.

Before anything else happens today, I’m ending today’s blog. Going out to pull weeds, it’s so beautiful out. I’ll be in the shade. I had part of this blog disappear. I’m not taking any more chances. Hope you do something outside today if you’re so inclined. Hope you enjoy your day, laugh with me at my quandry of the missing blogs, and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Unless I anger the cyber gods again. Take care.

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