Thursday’s Tasks

Today is a semi-cloudy day, patches of blue dot the sky. It will only be about 79 degrees today, so we won’t roast watering the flowers. The pups and I both appreciate cooler days between the beastly hot ones.

The Babe and I were talking the other day about being ready for fall. The wish comes a bit early this year. It’s just been too hot to enjoy our patio or deck. Today could be a deck day. Great place to be alone and ponder life. It’s there some of my ideas are hatched; there is no judgement in my mind, they’re all good ideas. Creativity shouldn’t be judged, it should be encouraged.

Some of the best topics I have, where the words just seem to flow out of me are about changes I need to make in my own life. It’s an article I read, it’s a message God sends me about situations I find myself in, when the ideas, articles, and messages take root and I find a commonality among them, I write a blog. Some days, it’s harder than others. I can’t describe it further, it’s more of a feeling than anything.

This week my heart has been touched by a lot of things. Cleaning out the drawers of my old sewing machine cabinet has revealed a lot about certain keepsakes I’ve collected over the years. Among the sewing machine feet, spools of thread, and other notions, I’ve uncovered many memories. A fishing lure my son Frankie gave me once; a thank you note from my best friend Angie, who died of lung cancer in June, 1988; and old photographs. One of my dad, holding Frankie on his first birthday; one of my Uncle Joe and I dancing at his and Aunt Lois’ 25th Wedding Anniversary party, and a photo of me with my first place ribbon winning quilt at the Omaha Quilters Guild Quilt Show in 2005 or 2006. Fun things and things that provoke feelings. And oh, those feelings! Missing those who were taken too soon; wonder of where did the years go; and a sense of pride to have the best quilt in a category of the first quilt show I ever entered! Great memories.

Will I be a person who eventually not remember anything or anyone? I’m of the age where that can happen, and I pray it doesn’t. I also know no one has control of those things. I can pray God is good to me. In fact, as I settle in bed at night, I recite the words of an old embroidery picture I made. And repeating those reactions through your life makes you who you are.

Let’s get some more followers! I’m grateful we’re at 927 today, we have about 73 more to reach 1000. Won’t that be fun? I appreciate you helping out and signing up to receive notice when we publish a new blog post. More fun stuff is coming, folks, hope you stay on our journey with me. Have a beautiful day and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

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