1,000 Blog Posts!

Pop the Champagne, divvy up the cupcakes, it’s time to celebrate! We’ve reached 1,000 blog posts with this one today. From humble beginnings, in April, 2019 when I launched my website and first blog, I didn’t post much at all. Three years ago today, I came home after a doctor’s appointment, and found our beloved Roxie, ran through a gate someone left open during the night. She and Lexie ran up to the busy highway, and Roxie was killed by a car.

When I found out, I immediately wrote about our “Little White Puppy.” Although she had a big bottom, she thought she was still the little 3 1/2 pound puppy we brought home with 4 pound Lexie. Here’s that story.

Yesterday, I spoke of finishing the 20 books I started and was distracted from. I picked up “Paws and Effect,” by Sharon Sakson. I firmly believe in the healing power of dogs, which is what the book is about.

What I forgot about was the beginning – a bunch of dry statistics. While they are important for her premise, I find them mind-numbing. I am determined to at least thumb through those parts. I was blessed this morning, when I came to Chapter Three. “The Patron Saint of Dogs.” Bonus!

Growing up Catholic, you learn a lot about the saints; but this isn’t something I remember. St. Roch is from France. So far today, I’ve learned rue is a French word for street. And, close to the center of Paris, with high-class shopping all around, lies a rue named Saint-Roch. The street is only 1200 feet long. The largest Late Baroque church in the city sits quietly, and many walk right by it.

The location is so cramped in with other buildings, there is no room to step back and admire the structure. Too bad it’s not on a different street, maybe it would be noticed. By comparison, it is only a few feet smaller than the fabulous Notre Dame. Can you imagine? That amazes me!

Everyone recognizes St. Francis, a monk who has animals around him. The statue of St. Roch is plain; it’s definitely a holy man, or a monk in robes, with a staff. A dog is pressed against his side, looking up in adoration; the statue’s hand is placed on the dog’s head. This is St. Roch. I’m mesmerized. The way I love dogs, I’m surprised I’ve not learned of this saint before.

In searching Google, I discovered he’s also the patron of travelers, the patron against epidemics (where was this revelation during COVID?), and for protection against pestilence, plague, and illness. He is also called St. Roche, St. Roque, and St. Rock. It makes sense now; I went to grade school with a kid whose name was Rock. Mystery solved! He really was named after a saint! It only took 65 years to solve it. There’s hope for all mysteries, you know?

Lots of computer work to do today. Didn’t want to skip this important #1000 blog. We’ve got a streak going again, over 29 consecutive days. We have 918 followers who are notified when new blog is posted. Please consider following me. I’d love to get 82 more followers and have that number become 1000, also. Please help a girl out!

Later this month, we’ll be rolling out a couple new pages; one about my publishing company, Jewell Publishing LLC, and one about the persona of Grandma Kathy, who is the author of “Roxie! WHAT Are You Doing?” She’ll have some words of wisdom for sure, and she’ll talk about the writing process from losing a pet to writing about it. Connections are everywhere. Stories are everywhere. Start looking around and see the wonders of this world.

I need to get to the volunteer computer work I need to do. It’s beastly hot outside, and we won’t be out much, I can guarantee it. Perfect day to do inside stuff. We’re getting there, computer work and straightening up. Always. Have a beautiful day, and we’ll see each other tomorrow! Get your friends to please follow us! Thank you!

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