Friday, Friday

This was the day everyone looked forward to while I was working. It’s unbelievable how we wished away other perfectly good days to have some free time. Priorities change when you become aware how quickly life goes and how we need to pay attention or we’ll miss it.

That said, I have to admit I’d rather spend time doing fun stuff instead of regular stuff like cleaning the house. I’ve taken a couple hours to make an egg casserole for six Keto breakfasts, took a shower/cleaned it/scrubbed floors, hung rugs on the deck railing, vacuumed, and now have to put heat on my back. It doesn’t take much to rile up the pain. It gets pretty frustrating.

I’m trying to get the house very clean for a few days so I can get acquainted with my new sewing machine tomorrow morning. I want to finish cleaning and write tomorrow’s blog today, before we go to Gavin’s baseball game tonight. Should be able to finish in a reasonable amount of time. I have an hour class Saturday afternoon to ask questions, etc. Hopefully, I should be able to play enough beforehand to understand basic operation of the machine and see how it works for fancier stuff. It should be fun!

There is something about cleaning up that feels good and makes you appreciate your home, your respite from the world. Knowing it is your style and reflects your taste is freeing. How lucky if you and your partner agree on how things should look. The Babe surprises me sometimes, if we go look for pictures for the living room or bathroom. He has good taste. (Of course he does, he picked me)!

Making another Hello Fresh recipe for dinner – Chicken Strips, roasted brussel sprouts, greens, etc., in a salad. Sounds good. Eating before we go to Gavin’s game. More vacuuming to do, too. Hope you have a beautiful evening and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Take care.

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