A Time to Plant

This truly is my favorite time of the year. Well, next to fall, the start of sweatshirt and jeans weather. Well, then I love to sit by the fire in winter and watch the snow fall, making the world a winter wonderland. I love them all. Pretty convenient when living in Nebraska.

I surveyed the plants already this morning. Checking which one’s need full sun, partial sun, more shade than sun, and making mental notes, I’ll need to check them twice a day to make sure they have enough. More to do, yes, but it’s so worth it. Truth be told, I’m not sure how much longer I can do this by myself. Knees are creaky, back is old and unpredictable, now the ribs and shoulder are protesting. We had a great run.

70 years is a good life. None of us can pick how long we have, but you know? Women have longevity in our family, both sides. Mom is 92. If I start now, I can get a lot accomplished! Plant those seeds! Pile on that fertilizer! Watch those ideas grow, too! I am nowhere near finished yet!

It’s been said the years between 70 and 80 are the most creative years of a life.

I hope you’re in with me for the next ten years! I’d love to have you all here on this ride. Later today, we’ll put more things in their new places in the studio/office. It’s taking shape. I have a wonderful new sign we’ll unveil next week. It caught my eye at Hobby Lobby the last time I went. I love those inspirational signs. I rotate my stock upstairs, downstairs, living room, offices, bedroom, hallways, family room, everywhere! There are fun things, weird things, and thought provoking things. All seeds to plant in my brain.

I need to write these seed ideas down along with any sub-ideas they generate. Then I don’t have to remember everything. When I was in school for the computer programming certificate I earned, what impressed me the most was this: “You do not have to memorize all of this. That’s why they’re called reference books.” The weight of the world of Assembler language, RPG2 & 3, and the beginning of COBOL, immediately lifted off my shoulders, wasn’t so intimidating. I use the same thought process today. BTW: Some of the reference book things became a habit and lived in my memory as I became more skilled in the business. It became second nature after a while. That is when the seeds take root.

I expect to spend as much time tending to my writing (besides the blog) as I do tending my plants this summer. Some days will require more time than others. The habit needs to be formed for every single day. No exceptions. Whether it is simply dead-heading a dead flower, editing out undesirable words (or paragraphs!), or keeping track of new ideas, there will be a lot of growth this summer. It’ll be fun to share it with you.

As I move the plants to the patio, along with the potting soil, empty pots (I reuse them every year), and Miracle Gro, my mind will be so Zen. It’s almost a religious experience, where the pups and I will enjoy the outside with all the hope of a new season. Thanks for reading, I’ll see you tomorrow. Be safe.

2 thoughts on “A Time to Plant

  1. I’m right with you. My therapy, hobby, and love is gardening. But the parts aren’t springing to perform like they would a time ago. I know the lumbar fusion 2017 and the bilateral sacral fractures last year are attempts to hold me back… and then of course the arthritis in the knees and left thumb…all contributing to moving slow… yet still moving. Feeling blessed and thankful! So you just keep on moving fellow Knight! And thankful for your performance!


    1. Thank you, Kathie! There are 100’s of things I should be doing. This is like playing hooky or skipping school(which I never did). Thank you for your support!


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