May 5, 2022

Happy Birthday to my friends and relatives. There are several of you who celebrate today, and I’m wishing you all a beautiful day of YOU! Hope you enjoy the rest of the evening.

Speaking of birthdays, I have a special one coming up in a couple of weeks. The big # 70! I have no plans yet and hope the Babe and I come up with something fun. Maybe I’ll sit on the deck and read all weekend. That sounds perfect to me. And the Babe’s birthday is two days later. Maybe we’ll cook steaks on his big day. It’ll be #72 for him.

I’m so tired of the political ads for governor. Whoever wins the primary will harp another six months until we actually vote for governor. Too much stuff clogging the airways, giving me a headache. Accusations and mud slinging do little to help us figure out who’s telling the truth and who would be a good choice. It cannot be over soon enough.

I really made a dent in my major cleanup/decluttering project in my office. It’s a big undertaking, but I have it almost half done. There was also the laundry issue to take care of. That’s finished and we are in good shape on that front. I was still behind after the Writers Conference and the Anniversary events of the past two weeks. I’ve finished some carpet cleaning, clearing a small corner book shelf, moving my cd player, and tomorrow will move our old printer to my office/studio. The Babe purchased a new one to put in his office, since the old one is making a weird noise like the roller is wearing out. I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it. We purchased it in 2005. What a bargain!

Tomorrow, I’ll also sort out the books about writing and place them on their new shelf in the corner. More organization and tidiness will produce more writing. I cannot wait! I’m removing all my distractions. It has to be done. In the meantime, have a beautiful evening and we’ll see each other tomorrow. I’m hanging out with my heating pad right now. Until later, take care.

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