Givers v. Takers

There are countless memes on Facebook about givers and takers. So many of us experience hurt at the hands of takers. Our mistakes are not in the giving; the mistake is whom we choose to give to. Not everyone has the good intentions we do. Should we hide from human connection? To do so is to stunt our own growth. Yes, there is risk involved. To truly live, we must take risks. It does not mean life should be only in a safe zone, totally predictable.

We can learn to forgive instead of harbor resentment. Resentment harbors in the victim and harms him or her. The act of forgiveness releases the resentment and the victim. It has nothing to do with the wrongdoing or the person who caused the hurt. The act of forgiving is a conscious thing. You don’t have to trust them. It doesn’t mean you’ll be friends. It means you will be free of the resentment.

Freedom from the resentment changes your view of the world and the imperfect people in it. Your cynicism becomes trust. Trust can lead to love, and we all need more of that! Old hurts are best left in the past. Forgiving them leaves them there. Resentment is a thief of the heart. Grudges get heavy to carry around. They cloud your decision making. Doom and gloom reign. Who needs that? I do not understand staying stuck in the muck. When I was there, I was unhappy. It was draining and stifling. I did not want to be one of those mothers who was a martyr.

This side of forgiveness is so beautiful. It is a place many never get to live. The Babe lives here. I have learned to forgive. He’s encouraged me. He knows my hurt. God has been so good to me. I recognize when God is teaching me a lesson or telling me what he wants me to do.

Often it is about whom to ask questions of or who to talk with at a conference. It isn’t necessarily confined to spirituality, yet within many of the friendships I developed over the past couple of years, they are regarding writing, sharing stories to heal, and they are based in the spirituality. The credit always goes to God. God puts us in each other’s lives to fulfill purposes. We may not even realize it.

What I do realize is I must get back to slaying the beast that is the tax return for 2021. I am seeking medical and dental deductions at present, and won’t stop until I find some more. It will make a difference between paying and breaking even. Breaking even is quite attractive at this moment. Have a beautiful day. See you tomorrow!

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