Hawks. Messengers?

While sitting on the deck writing yesterday, my friendly neighborhood hawk was back to visit. You can’t help but notice their size and grandeur. They float in the sky when they circle, barely moving their wings. It’s a thing of beauty. Nature is grand and amazes me.

I’ve heard the hawk is a messenger in Native American culture. Also Celtics and Christianity. First, the Native American culture. The hawk represents perspective and the ability to see things from all sides. The hawk has incredible eyesight from long distances. I like to think about my time as a computer systems analyst/coder/problem solver helped hone my skills of looking at all sides of an issue. In this respect, it is true. It is an asset as an author. The hawk is a compassionate and empathetic creature. I am compassionate and empathetic, too.

The hawk circled over me yesterday, and I watched him. He slowed, probably looked over my dogs and decided they were too big to swoop down upon and eat, circled again, then took off without lighting on a branch. This is possibly a reminder to look at things from a broader standpoint and fine-tune your intuition. This is the way to open your eyes and heart to opportunity, look further down the road, and see your bigger picture. We all could use that message.

I believe I’ve learned what a mentor taught me years ago – when I don’t see opportunities where I am, then I need to create them. That’s what I’m doing now. I believe after being published in the Nebraska Writer’s Guild 5th Anthology, released in December, it is my time. It will be my year. My spirit animal told me! Keep your eyes on the skies. You never know what you’ll learn.

In the Celtic world, the hawk is a messenger from the Otherworlds. It is an alert to be aware and be on guard. The circling hawk means victory or death. I’m taking it as a victory. A Celtic Hawk tattoo is a reminder to scrutinize everything, especially the smallest detail. I’ll go for that.

I need to get to doing some other things at home now. Thanks for reading. Let’s visit again tomorrow. See you then.

2 thoughts on “Hawks. Messengers?

  1. I had an experience last year where I was pondering a decision about ending a toxic friendship and a hawk swooped in and landed on my fence. I live in the city and I’ve never seen one so close. It looked at me, cocked its head, shuffled two steps along the fence and flew away. I got the message. It gave me the courage to end the friendship and move on.

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