Friday Fun

Gosh, what a busy day! I’m still catching up after events of last week, family in town, and taking time this morning to do some monthly work at the Post for the Babe. All is well. And I still have some things to finish to be caught up.

It’s also the first of April. Forget the April Fool’s stuff, I just love it’s another brand new, shiny month to plan and plot and cross things off that to do list. The sun finally came out today, and the air wasn’t biting. Isn’t that great? Spring is really teasing us this year. That’s ok, at least we’re not shoveling snow. If it snows now, it won’t last long.

I just got the approval from my daughter to make a quilt for each of the kids for their Christmas gifts. Yes, it’s early, but those months will go by quickly. And as I can be a little slow completing things, I need to get ahead of the game. Photos to come as we dive into this project in a couple weeks.

April will be the busiest month on record so far. Bombshell Patriots Nebraska Conference next weekend, Moving Veterans Forward Open House the following weekend, the Nebraska Writers Guild Annual Conference on April 21-23, and the VFW Post’s 90th Anniversary on April 28 -29. How’s that for a month? I’m almost tired just thinking about it. The writers’ conference should be great. I’ve been twice before; first time it was all romance writing, the second time, it was a mixture, and I met some pretty neat people. I’m still in touch with many of them. Then COVID interrupted our reaching out and creating friendships. I welcome resuming this activity.

I am making a to do list of fun things I’ve wanted to do for a while now. International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska, houses a very large quilt collection. I live 30 miles away and have yet to visit. I’m getting my friend Kris and we’re going. She doesn’t know it yet. Other things, like going to Baker’s Candies, in Ashland, Nebraska, and a Chapel off the Interstate nearby. They are all tourist attractions and I want to see them. I have lived here all my life and didn’t visit Boys Town until the year I made a quilt for a guild who provided quilts for Father Flanagan’s home decorations for an Irish Christmas. They still exhibit it at Christmas time as far as I know.

What’s on your to do list in your own area? We can find adventure wherever we are. If we can appreciate the small things in life, the big things are larger. Appreciate each day, my friends. Have a good evening. Let’s see each other tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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