Serene Sunday Morning

Wow. And just like that, it’s back to whatever normal is. Some things remain the same, many don’t. The Babe is working on the books at the VFW, and I’m thinking about what to discuss today. How do I do that? Life gives me many ideas. Sometimes not. The news gives me some, and many times, I decide from a daily meditation book for Adult Children of Alcoholics. None of those are sparking creative thoughts today. I refuse to call it writer’s block.

Right now, I’m watching CBS News Sunday Morning. I don’t watch it for the news part. I watch it for the featured stories. Today, those included the life and legacy of Buster Keaton, the Baltimore Museum of Art, transgender athletes, and a Russian Oligarch.

I’m one geek who would gasp in awe at the geodes, minerals, and other colorful, shiny objects on display. God created so many wonders in the world. He fashioned so much detail in all the parts of nature. We have such gorgeous surroundings many people never see. How many of us sleep-walk through life, never seeing the obvious, which is right in front of our faces.

Look around you today. What is within ten feet of you? How much life is scurrying about? You may have bugs you’ve never noticed before all around you, coming to life after the winter. Looking right down to the base of the dead flowers, you see new life beginning. Many perennials look like goners right now. Patience, Grasshopper! We need to appreciate all forms of life more.

One form of entertainment you don’t see too much anymore is that of the comedy of pantomime or silent movies. People like the comedic genius of Buster Keaton. His timing, his022, forever straight face, it just makes everything even more funny. Find him on YouTube. You’ll see things like a fake scenery side of a house fall over, and it falls around him standing there. An open window or door is always in place where he is standing. It’s used in many, many movies, tv shows, etc. Young kids may mistakenly think this is new, but it is not. It’s over 100 years old!

As we near the end of another month, the first quarter of 2022, reflect on how aware you are of your surroundings. Do you notice minute things? Slight changes go right by you? Maybe they don’t. Good for you if you notice everything. It’s a learned skill. What do you want to learn this year? Keep you eyes open. You’ll be amazed at what you see. Thank you for reading, let’s see each other tomorrow.

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