Grace While Grieving

We need to cut ourselves some slack, especially while grieving. We get through the stuff we have to do, the arrangements, the clergy, the luncheon. We may make a mad dash for the black suit or dress aisle at the local JC Penney’s, or change a last minute appointment to another day, but we handle necessities. If you make silly everyday mistakes on little things, don’t worry. You’re just human. You’re entitled, especially during this time.

Why did no one ever tell us about this part of life? Why is it only Far Eastern civilizations recognize earth as merely a nanosecond in Eternity. The good stuff happens in the afterlife. I’m just learning this is the last 25 years or so.

We never talked about death, what happens to the body as the life leaves, and what part the mind/body connection has. I do much better with information when dealing with troubling situations involving the unknown.

More openness about the process is present now with the longevity of people, access of information (no, not the internet), and genuine interest. Grief itself is it’s own subject. You can talk about the deceased for as long as you like or need.

There is no time limit. If someone tries to place one on you, think twice about your relationship. I did. When I lost my best friend, a guy I was dating couldn’t understand why I still felt bad after ten days. Are you serious? I promptly broke up with him.

Tomorrow, we will bid farewell to everyone’s friend, Lou Riedmann. He was the Babe’s good friend, brother-in-law (they were married to sisters), and mentor. Lou lost his wife ten years ago. There is a lot of history between the Babe and Lou. I appreciate it all.

As we work through the next few days, always speak well to people. You will have no regrets that way. Be patient with those who are grieving. You may need it some day yourself. Live life to its fullest. Leave no stone unturned. See you tomorrow!

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